Children in Need: Competition Winners

Thank you to all of those children who entered the Children in Need competition. There were some fantastic designs but our school council have managed to choose one winning entry from each phase. Well done to the winners, prizes will be sent out to you shortly.

Reuben – EYFS

Harrison – KS1

Leila – LKS2

Summer-mai – UKS2

Fun water race!

Look at the fun year 3 are having!! It was so nice to receive these photos and its lovely to see you all enjoying sports week and some lovely sunshine! Glad you’re having fun – missing you loads year 3!

Raffle Winners!! 🎟 Check Your Tickets!

The winning tickets for the Year 6 raffle have been drawn. There are 14 prizes in total so make sure that you check your ticket as there is a great chance of winning. Thank you to all local and small businesses who have donated a wonderful prize, as well as all of those who bought raffle tickets. Whilst not everyone will be able to win a prize, your kindness and generosity has gone a long way towards providing leavers hoodies and a few nice treats for our Year 6’s in the final week. Thank you!


  • Mystery Bag 1 – Orange 927 – Amelia C (Class 17)
  • Mystery Bag 2 – Orange 715 – Alan S (Class 18)
  • Zed Candy Sweet Hamper – Blue 92 – Keira F (Class 18)
  • £10 off Beauty Voucher (Beautology) – Orange 264 – Jayne Rodgers
  • Gelish Voucher (Lolly D Nails) – Orange 788 – Charlotte S (Nursery)
  • Pedicure Voucher (Lolly D Nails) – Orange 699 – Freya W (Class 15)
  • 12 Cupcakes (Cupcakes_andcakes_galore) – Green 280 – Scott S (Class 18)
  • Bath Bomb Hamper (Shimmer Doll Diva) – Blue 340 – Hayley Jeeves
  • Movie Treat Box (Kirstyannco.Design) – Orange 324 – Charlie D (Class 18)
  • Movie Treat Box (Kirstyannco.Design) – Green 348 – Heidi S (Class 18)
  • Afternoon Tea Voucher (Bliss Cafe) – Orange 852 – Brendan W (Class 16)
  • Wax Melt Hamper (Magical Aromas) – Yellow 316 – Kelly Overson
  • Chocolate Bouquet (Coll’s Party Sweets) – Blue 178 – Isobel H (Class 19)
  • Celebration Cake Voucher (Sugar Rush) – Green 298 – Sophie L (Class 17)

Prizes are available for collection from the school office.

School Raffle 🎟

Here are the list of raffle prizes that have been kindly donated so far from businesses and individuals within the local community. Any further donations, no matter how big or small, would be hugely appreciated. If there are any further donations, please could they be brought into school by Wednesday 30th June. The final deadline to purchase tickets (£1 per strip) will be Friday 2nd July, with all proceeds going towards Year 6 hoodies and celebrations. Anyone is welcome to buy tickets, just send money into school in a labelled envelope and class teachers will ensure it makes its way to the right place. Thank you for your generosity, all of those who have donated – check out the business pages below.

  • £80 Celebration Cake Voucher – Sugar Rush (Facebook)
  • Afternoon Tea Voucher – Bliss Cafe (Thorne)
  • Chocolate Bouquet – Coll’s Party Sweets (Facebook)
  • 2 x Movie Treat Boxes (Raffled Individually) – Kirstyannco.Design (Facebook)
  • Bath Bomb Hamper – Shimmer Doll Diva (Facebook)
  • Wax Melt Hamper – Magical Aromas (Facebook)
  • £10 Beauty Voucher – Beautology (Facebook)
  • Gelish Voucher – Lolly D Nails (Facebook)
  • Pedicure Voucher – Lolly D Nails (Facebook)
  • 12 Gluten-Free Cupcakes Voucher – Cupcakes_andcakes_galore (Instagram)

More images and updates to follow soon.

Amazing first day back!!

Class 11 never fail to amaze me and today is no different.  They have work so hard and we’ll in collaborative pairs and groups today to complete their work.  I am particularly impressed with their engagement and determination in English today.  They were introduces to the full stories of our experts and worked together in a reading comprehension and a planning sheet ready to start their biography writing tomorrow. Well done guys I’m so impressed and looking forward to reading your drafts tomorrow.

Crew Pearson’s Reading River.

In crew Pearson we all had a long hard think about all the reading we actually do on a daily basis and that not all reading is in books.  It is infact everywhere!

The children all had a good think about all the reading they do, lots said a wide variety of books but lots of other reading came out too! Check out our river and how cute the children have illustrated their little pictures to match their reading ideas! Well done guys!


Collaborative learning and reading

Today, the children worked hard in pairs to find answers to questions by retrieving information from text placed around the room.  The children were in total control of their own learning as not only were they practicing their reading skills they were also learning and teaching each other about the life of Anne Frank! I was so impressed with all this amazing learning this afternoon that they even then were able to list important events of her life in the correct order, all without my help.

Amazing guys, truly brilliant job! So proud.

Art lesson – mono printing!!

The children had a brilliant art lesson today and I loved teaching this to them so much as they showed so much enthusiasm and worked so hard! Here they are in action.

Ask the children at home how they made the prints, what process did they follow?

Out in the quad practising angles in turns

Today the children were learning about angles in turns. Starting with left turn, right turn and moving on to 90° clockwise turn, half a turn anticlockwise etc. Ask your children at home to try some directions out on you!











Maths day!

Check.out some of our crazy funky maths dress up day costumes in class 11. A fabulous job guys very big well done!