Beautiful story writing in Crew Jackson

Over the last two days we have done some beautiful story writing in Crew Jackson. The children were challenged to write the next part of our class text ‘My name is River’. The children worked really hard to include exciting verb choices, fronted adverbials, descriptive language, similes, personification as well as the tricky task of speech punctuated correctly! They loved reading their stories to a friend and gave excellent feedback about what they were proud of in their work linked to the fishbone features.

Decimals work in Crew Jackson

This morning we grappled with our maths learning as we learnt about multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. We had to apply our knowledge about place value to support us with our understanding. We used place value grids to support us in our understanding.

Check out the videos below to help you with your understanding.

We are crew!

This afternoon we used our PE time to do some crew building. As our expedition is about the rainforest, we used the trim trail as a walkway in the canopy layer and finished at the ‘waterfall’. We had to be a crew that encouraged and worked together to ensure no one fell off and was ‘eaten by piranhas’!!! We managed to complete it in less than 5 minutes! Well done everyone!

What are the features of an adventure story?

This morning in Crew Jackson we explored the features of an adventure story through reading through an annotated example, discussing the story mountain and collaborating on generating an anchor chart through role on the wall.

Well done for a fabulous day. I can’t wait to start writing stories next week!

We are geographers!

ALL Block reading in Crew Jackson

This week the children have completed a range of reading activities. We have focused on understanding new vocabulary linked to our expedition on rainforests – ‘Why should we help our world survive?’. This led to a brilliant crew discussion around the links between the words vegetation, lush and thriving. The children have also accessed a traditional Amazon tale and discussed their opinions about the characters actions using evidence from the text to support their answers. As always we have ensured that the children have had the opportunity to access books for reading for pleasure too. I am so proud of you all guys – keep up the hard work!

Getting to know our new text at our reading cafe

This morning in Crew Jackson, we have enjoyed getting to know our new class text. First we looked at different parts of the front cover and made predictions about the setting and characters. We then enjoyed reading chapter 1 whilst eating biscuits at our reading cafe. Our silent discussion about the characters helped us further build up our background knowledge. We finished by making predictions on what ‘Dylan’ will do next and can’t wait to read chapter 2!

Rainforest immersion

This week Crew Jackson have loved having the opportunity to take ownership of the classroom environment, creating and displaying their work themselves. We’ve even let the Christmas tree stay up as part of the rainforest! Today we finished off the week with a final craft session, where children used ‘how to draw’ videos to support them with drawing rainforest animals. Great work guys!

What can we find out about the layers of the rainforest?

What a brilliant morning in Crew Jackson today! Both Miss Kelly and I are super impressed with the hard work you put in to using the different sources of information to find out facts about the layers of the rainforest. You working so well to collaborate and grapple with lots of new vocabulary and it was impressive how many of you included new words in your own independent work. Even I learnt a new word today – liana!

Keep working hard guys!

50 Get Smart points if you can come and tell me a new word and what it means!

Mrs Jackson