Next weeks Feel Good Friday

Next week we’re going to do the superman song for Fell Good Friday – please choose an actions and send a photo or video of you doing that action. (you can do 2 or 3 if you want to!). Wednesday 4pm must be the cut off for entries this week please. Enjoy!

Please send them to SEN@GREENTOPSCHOOL.CO.UK Thanks

Thanks for your support with the extension of our provision. In light of a document published yesterday we have made the list below to make it easier for all parents to understand the options available to them for meals from Monday 1st June. (This will be reviewed in line with local, trust and government guidance and is subject to changes)

  • Children in school who are in reception, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to a free school meal when they are in the school building as part of the universal free school meals entitlement. (packed lunches now permitted based on changes for other circumstances)
  • Children in school who are in any year group who are in receipt of means tested free school meals and have been receiving vouchers have 2 options.
      • 1. continue to receive voucher and provide your child with a packed lunch
      • 2. receive a free school meal in school each day and no longer claim vouchers. (entitled to a packed lunch for collection on days not in school)
  • Children attending school in nursery, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 not in receipt of free school meals must now return to the choice of a paid school meal or a packed lunch from home.
  • Children not in school in receipt of free school meals will continue to receive their vouchers

You will see the rule around packed lunches brought into school has been relaxed to accomodate this guidance change and therefore if as a parent you wish to provide a packed lunch that will be permitted into the school building.


Mrs Claira Salter



We are overwhelmed by the beautiful kind thoughts of our parents, carers and students who have sent in gifts to keep the staff spirits high during this period of uncertainty. The staff in school this week have tried to resist so we can share with the whole staff team next week.

We are truly overwhelmed!! Thanks


On Friday we held our Friday Disco via hangout. Thanks to all who joined us. We achieved a massive 132 on a hangout at once… VERY IMPRESSIVE, the highlight was seeing so many happy smiling faces online at once.

Y5 crew – surprise!

I was absolutely blown away yesterday to receive an email telling me about a surprise hangout that the Y5 crew had created for Ryan to surprise him on his birthday. You guys make me so proud every day but things like this deserve public praise. Happy birthday Ryan 🎂🎉 and we’ll done too all involved in a surprise birthday hangout! 💚💚

As you are aware I posted last week outlining that ONLY KEY WORKER children would be offered a place to start on the 1st June. This is in line with the Doncaster picture as on Friday evening Mayor Ros Jones recommended schools and nurseries did not open.

Mayor Ros Jones’ recommendation can be found here.

In light of this, we encourage Key worker parents to only use the school to support their working commitments in this initial period of extension to our current provision.  In essence, this does not change anything previously outlined in my letter last Thursday, however it does support my decision to respond to the increase in key worker demand in the first phase of our offer.

Thanks for your continued support during these unprecedented times

Mrs Claira Salter


Next weeks Feel Good Friday

Next week we are going to use the track.

I’m gonna be (500 miles) by the Proclaimers.

Please send us your videos of you walking ( in the Amarillo style) so we can pull a cool Feel Good Friday together.

Send them to


Today’s Learning Legends in Year 1 are….

Frankie and Florrie!

You have both shared some fabulous learning today. Well done…and well done mums for the support!


What an amazing week of work both in school and at home!
I notice that we have finished our class text.
I praise how clever and imaginative you have all been at predicting what would happen
I wonder what our next text will be called

Have a great half term everyone x