Who will find the book covers hidden around Thorne?

I spy with my little eye …

Our first reading week challenge has arrived.  Around Thorne, hidden in the windows of  shops, hairdressers and local businesses, you will find 20 children’s book covers.  On each book cover you will spot a number.  Over the next week I wonder how many you will find.  When you spot one, record the title and the number.  To take part in the challenge you will need to record the title of any that you find next to the correct number on the google form below.  Don’t worry if you can’t find them all.  There will be a small prize for everyone who takes part even if you only submit one or two!  If you are lucky enough to spot at least 12 then a bigger prize will be waiting for you!  All entries must be submitted by 9am on Friday 21st May.

Over the next week look out on the blog for clues as to where you might find some of the more tricky book covers hidden!  If you spot one and want to send me a photo email to [email protected]

Happy hunting!

Mrs Jackson



Community Crew – Mental Health Awareness Week

In community crew this week, we talked about how nature can make us feel happy and improve our mood. We discussed loads of different ways we can experience nature and that everyone will have something different they like about it. Some of the children liked to go on bikes rides, go to the beach, visit the allotment or care for animals. We also talked about how nature can make us feel better but it doesn’t always solve the problem. It was great to hear all the children share how important it was to talk to a trusted adult about their worries.

Y5 Photography

This week, Class 16 have blown me away with the quality of their photography skills. Following from our photography work in hook week we have continued to develop taking photos from a variety of angles and enhancing our photos. The images the children have taken were stunning and I am sure they will be making an appearance in our book. Well done Class 16!


Book Fair Reminder!

Our Book Fair is here!

This year our annual Book Fair is a little bit different due to Covid restrictions.
The virtual school book fair is live until Monday 17th May.  All books will need to be pre-ordered and any above the number pre-delivered to school, will be ordered and available in school to send home within a week of the book fair ending.
Click here for the parent/carer guide about how to order and pay.
Click here for the order form to select and order your books.  If you would like a paper copy of the order form, please call at the office to collect one. To pay by phone you will need the Book Fair school account number which is 26700450.
All books MUST be paid for before ordering. All orders MUST be placed by 4pm Monday 17th May.
Any questions please ask class teachers or email [email protected] and I will reply as soon as possible.
Mrs Jackson

Get your passports ready…

Year 2 expedition morning video


I am blown away by the fantastic learning that has happened in year 2 this morning. Our second case study for our expedition is geography and the children got a chance to try a range of foods from different countries around the world. They explored the country’s flags and learnt how to say ‘hello’.

They also did some research on the countries to record in their own passports and created a mind map of words to describe the food they tasted.

Some foods were a hit like apples and maple syrup but the olives didn’t go down too well!

Super learning today year 2, it was so lovely to see!

Mrs Shaw and the year 2 team x

If you go down to the woods today……

……..take some amazing photographs!

Yesterday year 6 took their photography skills to the woods.  They captured different images focusing on perspective, framing and varied angles.  We are looking forward to collating their images and ‘showing them off’!

Which images will be published in our year 5/6 book?