Can we make a boat that floats?

The children made origami paper boats today and had lots of fun when they went outside and tested them to see if they would actually float…and they did!

We also talked a lot about what other materials would be good for floating and they came up with plastic water bottles, sponge, wood and leather like on footballs.

Great work year 4 from Mrs Hardman!

Shoutout for Lawson💫

Lawson has blown me away with his dedication to his learning during the last two weeks. He is really hooked into our expedition and at home has created a brilliant cave painting using his new knowledge of the Stone Age. In school, he has worked hard to complete a timeline showing the evolution of PlayStation. It’s so lovely to see you proud of your achievements Lawson – well done!!


KS2 Reading Competition

Do you fancy being entered in to a prize draw?

Every time you read a book and quiz on Accelerated Reader you will earn a raffle ticket!

All raffle tickets will be entered into the prize draw to be in with a chance of winning money vouchers at half term!

Teachers will keep a check on who has quizzed each week and will sort out the appropriate amount of raffle tickets for your child!

If you don’t have books at home, want to swap your books or just need general support please email your phase leader.


Good luck!



Key stage 1 reading competition

Reading is always high on our school agenda and as we can’t currently hear all children read at the moment, we would like to begin a new reading competition!

Every time your child reads a book at home, encourage them to complete the reading questionnaire below. If your child is in year 2 and already has a log in for accelerated reader from last lockdown you can quiz on their too.

Your child’s details will be then be entered into a prize draw, to win £££££ at the end of the term. The more books they read, the more questionnaires they will take and therefore the more likely they are to be chosen at random to win the money!

Good luck everyone

Mrs Shaw x

Conjunctions are us!

Today in year 2 we have been working on choosing and using the correct conjunctions to extend our sentences. I set Crew Rodgers a challenge to use 6 different conjunctions – and, but, because, if, or and since – in 6 separate sentences. I’m very proud and happy to report that all 8 of the children in class rose to my challenge. I was also blown away with the awesome presentation displayed by Sofia and Andra.

Really great job everyone!

Escape Room Fun!

The Y6 children in school took part in an English escape room today putting their spelling and grammar knowledge to the test!

Each group had to solve 8 clues to be able to escape the classroom but unfortunately my clues were too tricky and no one did! I hope they’ll be okay in there overnight?!

Well done to Team Jim Bob who got 6 out of the 8 digits and almost escaped!!