Safer Internet Day – Competition

In today’s world, we have easier access to the internet than ever before, whether that be through computers, mobile devices, tablets or even gaming consoles. Despite it’s obvious benefits, the internet can also pose many potential threats to us if we don’t make the correct choices whilst using it. Tuesday 6th February marks ‘Safer Internet Day’ across the UK with aim of promoting safer behaviour while we are online.

Over the half-term we will be running a competition throughout school to help raise awareness of what we can do to stay safe online. Children are tasked with designing a poster to promote safer internet use, with the best design from each year group winning a prize. These can be hand-drawn or even created digitally if you wish to showcase your skills using technology. If you would like to enter, then you need to hand your entry to your crew/class teacher before Friday 23rd February. Let’s get creative!

Year 6 – Our train expert

A massive shout out to Theo’s Mum who came and spoke to the children this morning about her role as a train driver. The children loved hearing all about: the skills needed to be a train driver, what is involved in the day to day job and the importance of train safety. They went on to ask some thoughtful and enquiring questions and hopefully it will have inspired some of our children to set themselves aspirations for a future career. Ask the children if they can remember the importance of 6 sheep to a train driver; this was linked to an interesting but funny fact!

Class 12 – Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🦁

What an amazing day we have had at YWP! We were able to see a range of animals including lions, giraffes, wallabies and of course the polar bears! We also had a fantastic workshop and built on our knowledge of polar bears, looking at how they are adapted to survive in the wild as well as what YWP are doing to help the polar bears that are here in Doncaster!

Woodland Trail and Project Polar

Polar Bear Workshop

Wallaby Walk

Big Cats

Giraffe House

Busy first days of the new term in Y1!

If any of the year 1 children are missing their socks today it’s because they have worked them off in the first couple of days of the new term. We have been trying really hard with our phonics and reading – we had many more books to change today then usual – and are looking forward to sharing this learning with our parents and carers at our special phonics family learning events on Wedneaday for Miss Schon and Miss Rodgers’ groups, and on Thursday for Miss Cooper and Mrs. Clay’s groups.

We have been practising our addition and subtraction to 20 in maths and learning about food chains and the transference of energy in our expedition sessions.

We have also been adding watercolor to our artwork in preperation for our end of term gallery – watch this space for details of this event – and today Mr Kershaw helped us to begin to understand weather patterns!

Let’s hope we have enough energy left for tomorrow’s DISCO!

Miss Schon and Miss Rodgers x

Roaring success at YWP! 😆

Class 10 have walked for miles and seemed tried after a bus journey, but loved their day at YWP seeing so many incredible animals. We were very excited to get in and start exploring!

We then went to see the lions, but they didn’t like the early start, so off we went to see the polar bears and the warty pigs!

After that, we went to see some of the giant otters, including the baby have their breakfast, the monkeys and then walk with the wallabies!

We then finished off wandering the tigers, the leopard and the giraffes and then finally finished with a workshop on polar bears!

We even cam face to face with a terrifying polar bear!

A huge well done to Class 10 for how they behaved around YWP and a massive thank you for all of our parent volunteers – we really appreciate you coming! 🙂