Crew Jackson – We are bakers!

Another fantastic afternoon of enthusiastic and independent baking! I am so proud of your crew work and amazing attitudes. You were all able to measure accurately, follow a recipe and ensure hygiene rules were followed. Your blueberry muffins look amazing – even the ones without the blueberries!!! :))

Can we make healthy burgers from scratch?

Today, Crew Mumby did an incredible job of making a fast-food favourite into a healthier option by the ingredients we used. We started by mixing an egg with 5% fat steak mince before seasoning with garlic and oregano. Once this was mixed together thoroughly, the children separated them into sensible portion sizes before putting them in the burger press to create an authentic burger shape and size. After that, we utilised the beautiful weather and cooked our burgers in the XP outdoors area, kindly assisted by Mr Kershaw. I have tasked the children to make the burgers at home the next time you decide to have a BBQ!

Nursery – Sports Day AM

The Nursery Team

Crew Jackson – Fruit salad

Yesterday in expedition, we worked in mini crews to scale down a recipe to create a healthy fruit salad. As well as measuring the correct amount of each ingredient to make half the recipe, we ensured we applied our knowledge of hygiene and handling foods and equipment safely.

It was great to have an afternoon of hard work and enjoyment, where the children worked as highly effective teams, taking on roles and ensuring everyone participated.

The children went on to scale up the recipe, working out how much of each ingredient they would need if we doubled the recipe.

The afternoon was completed by eating a fresh and healthy snack made all by themselves.

Great work guys! From Mrs Jackson x

Year 3/4 Celebration of Learning

Last night we had our celebration of learning for our last expedition of the year ‘Why is sugar not so sweet?’

The children lead the celebration and showcased the learning they had done throughout the 3 case studies. It was amazing to watch you all so confidently deliver your pieces in front of the audience, it was clear for all to see how much you have learnt and taken from this expedition. To top the sweet the night off there was the opportunity to try the products you have made before taking these home for a donation.

It was an incredibly successful night, thanks to you all. We appreciate all the support you have given us and for the money raised to go towards the charity, city hearts.

Year 3/4 Phase meeting 28.6.22

Shout outs to Crew Tortora again on winning the attendance- you guys are smashing it! Also, well done to Crew Myers on being the HoWL winners too. Enjoy your biscuits!

An overall shout out and well done to everyone for trying their best in their assessments last week. It was a super hot week but you all grappled with each test and showed such determination throughout them all. We are SO proud!!

Year 3/4 team x