We solved the mystery!

Thanks to our key witnesses Miss Hilton and Mrs Faulding we managed to narrow down the suspects. It was Mr Ambler who did it. He said he was looking for some paint! He only needed to ask!

A big thank you from the F2 staff to Mr Ambler for volunteering to be our criminal. To thank him we gave him a surprise visit by two police officers and put him in the police van!

We decided to let him out after an apology and a promise to always ask before taking anything! We hope Mr Ambler wasn’t too traumatised by the experience!

The Investigation

We swabbed our fingernails to check for paint, we compared the pattern on our shoes to the pattern left in the paint and we measured the hand and footprints and compared them to our own! We were Not Guilty!

Years 5 and 6 visit Trinity’s Lecture Theatre

We had a great time today visiting Mr Humprey (Science Teacher) at Trinity Academy to listen to a lecture about space.  We learnt many new facts and also how to give a lecture to an audience.  Green Top staff were blown away by the amazing questions our children asked and the sophisticated facts they shared with each other.

Congratulations to the KS1 raffle winners!

Well done Chloe, Jamie, Jack and Eve for winning the raffle prizes for our reading competition.   We are super proud of your hard work.

Don’t forget everyone there will be another draw in 4 weeks so another 8 chances to get a ticket with your name on it.  Remember bring your reading pack into school to change!