Face Masks – updated guidance

In line with the updated guidance from the Prime Minister this weekend we are requesting that parents, carers and visitors wear face masks in the school building and in communal areas outside when it is busy. As our numbers of positive cases have begun to creep up we are asking that parents follow the local guidance where possible.

Our most recent Local Authority Guidance states:

There is a higher risk of a child testing positive if a person in their household has tested positive. If there is a positive person (e.g. Parent or sibling) in your household we are recommending that your child or children stay at home:

  • If your child has symptoms or develops symptoms on day 1 or 2, they should get a PCR test
    straight away
  • If they don’t have symptoms, they should get a PCR test on day 3, 4 or 5 after their household
    member started with symptoms (or took their test if they had no symptoms)
  • If this test is negative, the child can return to school and complete LFT tests for the remaining
    isolation period of the household contact
  • If the child develops symptoms at a later date, they must stay home and PCR test again
    This applies to primary and secondary age children. PCR test kits and LFT test kits can be ordered online.

Any pupil who has tested positive for COVID-19 via a PCR test within the past 90 days are exempt from this. Parents and carers who still want their child to continue to attend school have the right for them to do so.

As we enter the winter period and as rates across Doncaster are high, we are aware there may be additional guidance from the local authority around group gatherings, therefore tickets for concerts and events planned this term will be released once we have received confirmation that this remains possible.

As always if you have any concerns or questions please contact your Childs’ crew leader, teacher or phase leader for further information.


Two new appointments within the XP School Trust have been made and the new appointees will take up their posts from  April 2022.

Mrs Claira Salter will be the new Principal of XP Doncaster (XP School and XP East) and Mrs Kelly Overson will be the new Head of School at Green Top. 

Both leaders have been involved in the XP Journey for many years and are currently part of the Green Top school team. They will nurture and guide their new schools through the opportunities, expeditions and ever evolving connection to their communities that are at the heart of the ethos of the XP School Trust.

Claira commented this week:

“My new appointment ends my time as Headteacher of Green Top. Since I started there in September 2008, the Green Top community has supported me to be the best version of myself. I have so many precious memories of my time as a teacher, leader and headteacher of the school. It has shaped who I am as a leader.”

Claira continued: 

“I am excited about continuing to be challenged and supported by the students, staff and parents of the XP Doncaster schools when I take up my new post next year. From my working relationship with the XP Doncaster schools during my time as a headteacher at Green Top, I have been inspired, motivated, challenged and supported to influence the students and staff I work with. I look forward to developing relationships with the students, staff and parents at XP Doncaster in the coming weeks in preparation for this new role.” 

Kelly added:

“I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Head of School at Green Top. It is an absolute privilege to have been asked to lead the school continuing the exciting journey that we are on.  Green Top is an amazing school where the staff work extremely hard to ensure the very best learning opportunities and outcomes for our wonderful children and I am proud to continue to develop and strengthen this over years to come.” 

“I joined Green Top in 1997 and during this time I have worked in every year group from nursery to year 6 as a member of support staff before becoming a teacher working in KS2.  I have also been assistant headteacher at Green Top for 5 years and so I have a strong understanding of the School, and our local community.  My own children attended the school so I not only understand the many roles in which I have played over the years, I also know what being a parent in the Green Top community means.  The past 24 years have provided a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of our community and our school’s incredible potential.” 

“I am looking forward to continuing the journey with the students, staff and parents.”

At Green Top school as a result of these appointments Mr Mumby will be moving as class teacher for class 16 and Phase Leader for Y5/6, with Mrs Faulding becoming the class teacher of class 12 This will come into effect from Monday 15th November 2021.

Editor’s Note:

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Tuning into Instrumental Sounds

This week in Nursery we are continuing to develop our listening skills by tuning into instrumental sounds. The children loved exploring different musical instruments by passing them around the circle and a having a go at playing each one. I was so impressed with how well the children were able to name each instrument and describe the sound it makes. Then we played some listening games such as trying to identify which instrument we heard while everyone closed their eyes.

We would like to invite the children to bring in a plastic bottle or container this week that we could recycle into our own musical instruments. We are hoping to fill them with lots of different things and decorate them so we can use them in our indoor and outdoor environment!

What a special Funky Friday !

Today we had special visitors come and join us in FFT…Minnie and Mickey Mouse! They had heard we had an amazing week with top HoWL points and wanted to say hello before they go and get busy for Christmas! We enjoyed a dance together to some of our favourite party tunes including baby shark! We are super lucky and a HUGE shout out and thank you to Kuba for arranging our special surprise!

Learning Council

Meet the members of Green Top’s 2021-2022 Learning Council!

They are all doing a wonderful job so far and have taken part in Maths Week, interviewing and showing visitors around school! I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next!