Dear Parents / Guardians,

In February 2020, Miss Salter was interviewed by the Executive Leadership of the XP Trust and Green Top governors. You won’t be surprised to be informed that she was successful and will become the Headteacher of Green Top from August 2020. We are delighted by this appointment.

This appointment however ends my own time as Headteacher of Green Top. Ever since January 2012, the children, the staff and parents have been on a journey with me to build Green Top into the School it is today.
I thank all parents who believed in the project and joined the school, taking the school population from 278 in 2012 to around 480 today. I thank all the staff, who believed in the project to begin their careers here or joined us from other schools. Your dedication to the safety, happiness and education of Thorne children is and will always be an inspiration.

I need to thank the governors for taking a risk with a young Headteacher in 2011, for supporting my rather creative ideas and fighting for every child with me. My last thanks goes to the children of this great school. I have the privilege now of visiting many schools each week. The children of Green Top are my benchmark, their honesty, attitude and kindness sets them above all others. It is you guys I will miss the most.

I thought I’d get this post out of the way, as we have important issues to share with you over the next few days.

I will continue to visit the School and ensure the school continues to inspire, enjoy and achieve but from my role as Executive Principal of the XP Trust.

So for the last time, thank you for your continued support and thanks for the journey.

Neil Butler

Beautiful Work – Y5/6 final product

A huge congratulations to all teh students and staff in Y5/6 on an amazing product to share the collaborative learning outcomes from their Summer term expedition. I am blown away by the quality of work and character growth of our students despite being in the centre on a Pandemic. Our students have grappled with tough scientific content, composed musical and lyrical pieces of art work and presented their learning eloquently in the product shared here.

Well done all!

Food donations

The Moorends Miners Welfare centre has supported Green Top and the families in need in our school community throughout the covid 19 period. They rely on donations and community support. Therefore as we come to the end of the school year, if anyone has any donations of food, hygiene or cleaning products they are able to donate they will be gratefully received.

All donations can be brought to the school office and I will deliver them to the centre on Tuesday 21st July.

Thanks for your support

Well done girls. You have been real Motivated Moe’s the whole of this week and your work has been of a consistently high standard. Great job!

We notice. . . a fabulous week of learning
We praise. . . really thinking about responses to activities, lots of detail and innovation
We wonder . . . if we can all have a restful weekend so we can have the same high standards next week

Well done both of you for your lovely hand print work today.

Lots of thought and effort went into your work and you really explored the qualities you feel you already possess as well as those you aspire to.


Today’s critique…

We notice. . . amazing attitudes and children really thinking about which learning alien they have been.                                                                                                                                    We praise. . . some really creative hand designs with beautiful, positive words to show us your best qualities!                                                                                                                  We wonder . . . if we can make Friday the best day so far for awesome learning and attitudes?

Amber for fantastic effort today and really thinking about your learning all week.

Luna for going above and beyond in your transition activities.

Fab Motivated Mo attitudes girls. Well done.

Today’s critique…

I notice. . . some more faces on hangouts this morning!
I praise. . . everyone has been  producing great work and lots of  engagement on classrooms
I wonder. . .  Could we send in our crew song lyric photo before 11 am tomorrow?