Reception: We love family learning!

WOW! What a lovely family learning session with the reception children. The children loved joining in all the craft activities with their grown-ups this afternoon. We have had some amazing art work from beautiful rock pools, mermaid hats and sea creatures, we even had some children turning into pirates for the session. Thank you to all the adults that came to join us this afternoon.

Crew Knowles: we are researchers!

Crew Knowles are really enjoying learning all about the plague and it’s gruesome symptoms! We have furthered our learning today by researching other deadly outbreaks throughout history including Spanish Flu, Covid-19, Smallpox and Cholera.

I can’t wait for each group to share their research and learning tomorrow.

Performing Poetry

It was also great to make links between the poem ‘Dreams of Escape’ and our science case study, discussing changing state.

You’ve all been getting smart today by working collaboratively across two crews! You stars!

Well done!

Mrs Faulding and Miss Myers

Y6: Infectious Disease! 🦠🔬🩺

This afternoon in expedition, the children have been working in small groups to research a number of different outbreaks that have occurred throughout history; Polio, Covid-19, Ebola, Measles, Smallpox, Cholera and the Spanish Flu. They have been conducting their own research and creating posters that will then be shared with the rest of the class.

Creatures we might find in a rock pool

F2 really enjoyed making their own rock pools in outdoor learning, glueing sand around their rock pools and drawing creatures they might find in it. It was lovely to see them working and talking together about the creatures that we had just read about in expedition.

Y5/6 Family Learning!

Wow! Year 5/6 had such a lovely Family Learning event this afternoon! They were each able to choose an activity to participate in and each activity linked to our current expedition about looking after our minds and bodies.

The activities on offer were Zumba, football rounders, tag rugby, bench ball, outdoor cooking and making healthy meals!

It looked like all the children and adults were having lots of fun and it was great to see the adult participation. Thank you to all that attended and we hope you enjoyed it!