Please find attached the action for happiness ‘Active April’ Calendar. We will be joining in with  some of these activities in our crew sessions, lunchtimes and playtimes over the next few weeks – feel free to take part at home too! Let us know if you try any of the challenges!

Reminder: afterschool provision from 12th April

Dear Parent

We are delighted to be welcoming all our staff and students back after the Easter break. As you are aware we are moving towards reintroducing our full club offer. Unfortunately the pandemic is still affecting the way we operate as a school and therefore to ensure the clubs we offer are within our risk assessments and do not affect the bubble closures wider, children will only be welcome at clubs if they have been booked prior, all children not attending a pre arranged club must be collected between 3-3.15pm with no exceptions to this rule.

All clubs which finish at 4pm will be dismissed from their classroom doors again – with no exception to this rule due to the potential bubble mixing.

If you have selected paid sunset club provision you will collect your child from the hall, please knock on the hall doors from Ash Tree Road entrance if we don’t see you arrive. Please be reminded any non payment for this club will result in the place being revoked.

All parents who completed the google form should have received their email confirmation prior to the Easter break, please contact the school office on Monday if you were expecting confirmation and haven’t received this yet.


Mrs Claira Salter


We ended the term with a lovely Easter egg hunt this afternoon where the children had to find the eggs and unscramble the code. After lots of resilience we finally cracked it! “WE ARE YEAR 5 CREW – HAPPY EASTER”

I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter break, look after each other and make lots of special memories!

Have a crackin’ time!


John o Groats to Lands End – Week 4

Good afternoon,

Here is the form for our final week of the John o Groats to Lands End challenge. Last week was a quiet week so let’s make sure we keep those steps up for the final push! I will update the map on Tuesday evening so it gives you all plenty of time to submit your steps over the weekend. Good luck!



Selfless act of kindness by class 9

Class 9 have been learning about how Captain Sir Tom Moore made a difference to other people by doing a kind and selfless act.

We discussed how that made him feel and how fantastic everyone thought he was because of the money that he had raised for charity.

The children wanted to do something similar and they said that they also wanted to donate to charity.

We have had lots of discussions recently about listening to people more than we talk as this will help us to learn more so I challenged every child to be completely silent for 10 minutes and if they managed it, I would donate £5 to the NHS charity on their behalf…and guess what…they smashed it (knew I should have said half an hour).

Well done for your selfless act class 9 and for thinking of others

Mrs Shaw x

Shout out for Lilly

Our learning legend today was Lilly for getting smart! She has managed to grasp subtraction and was grappling with some really tough number sentences.

On top of that she was coaching a partner and was modelling how to answer the questions using pictorial form perfectly.

I am so proud of you Lilly!

If you can spare 23 seconds, watch this video of her in action…fantastic!

Mrs Shaw x

Expedition Presentations!

In Year 6 today, some children were presenting their expeditionary learning to other schools within the trust. Some of the children presented to Plover School whilst some presented to Norton School. Although there were a few nerves, it was fantastic to see the courage on show. It is never easy to present to others but they all did an amazing job of showcasing their learning throughout this expedition. Well done to all involved!