Celebrating our Ofsted News

Dear parent,

RE: Ofsted Inspection Report 

I am pleased to be able to provide you with the Ofsted Report from the recent section 8 inspection that took place in November. This was certainly a challenging time for an inspection being in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic and when many of our staff and students had been impacted by covid throughout the Autumn term. However, I am pleased to report that the school’s overall effectiveness remains good

Ofsted recognised the impact of our work around positive relationships with students, parents and carers, particularly noticing that ‘All relationships at Green Top are based on trust and respect. Teachers are fair. Pupils know the ‘Green Top Code’ for conduct in school. Consequently, pupils behave well in lessons’. Our inspector felt that these relationships ensure ’that teachers notice quickly if pupils are falling behind. Staff get pupils back on track successfully.’ In addition, the work of leaders around maths and reading has been recognised positively. 

These are just a few examples of the many positive comments that are throughout the report. The staff and I are proud of the students in the school and the many positive comments that Ofsted made about them of which many have been included within the report. 

Ofsted have identified an area for improvement to help the school to move towards outstanding something we had already identified as a leadership team and we acknowledge has been more difficult due to the pandemic. The actions to improve these areas are already underway and therefore our inspector acknowledges that the leadership team has started to action this.

I would like to appreciate all of the staff for their hard work, not just during the Ofsted inspection, but over recent years in maintaining our school community and learning provision both in school and online.

Our students should be proud of themselves for the very positive impression that they gave during the inspection. I would further like to express my thanks to the governors, directors and executive team of the XP Trust for their commitment to the school and finally to you as parents who continue to provide the support to help your children achieve well and voiced your positivity around the school. 

We are starting 2022 on a very positive note with this report and I am looking forward to supporting Mrs Overson to plan the implementation of the improvements further with the Green Top staff team before I move to XP and XP East full-time. 

A copy of the report can be found below.

Thanks for your continued support

Mrs Claira Salter 


Phonics sounds and spelling list wb. 24.1.22

This weeks phonics focus sounds will be…
wh as in when, ph as in phone, ew as in stew and oe as in toe

Our weekly spellings are…
here, there, when, which, alpha, graph, stew, crew, toe, goes

Any help you could give your child with recognising the sounds and practising the spellings would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your continued support and to all those who practised last week’s spellings. It really does make a massive difference for the children to see that the work they do in school is considered just as important at home.

Miss Rodgers and Miss Good x

Learning Council

The Learning Council have proudly collected their badges to wear with pride so that everyone can see the important responsibility that they have!

I can’t wait for the next event that Learning Council will take part in!

Out of this World and Learning Legend awards

A massive well done to Lexi and Anais who won our Out of this World and Learning Legend certificates today.

Lexi has tried so hard to follow our HoWLs and listen very carefully to instructions and her learning has progressed massively because of this.

Anais has been a lovely friend and is always kind and helpful and really deserved her postcard today.

Well done ladies.