Class 10 forces experiment!

Today, Class 10 have made predictions about how friction will affect how vehicles travel. We tested the car on different surfaces and found that, the smoother the surface, the further the car went. However, the rougher or bumpier the surface, the more friction there was and the car would travel less distance.

Well done Class 10 on working so well together! 🙂

Class 10 magnets! 🧲

What a great lesson from Class 10, today! We experimented with magnets and put on our scientific hats with the hope of finding out what materials were magnetic and which weren’t. We accurately predicted that the items made of metal (paper clips, coins and table legs) would attract the magnet, but items that were not made of metal (rulers, paper and rubbers) would not attract them.

However, some did try to trick me into thinking that plastic was magnetic!

Keep up the great scientific work, Class 10! 🙂

Class 11 flood research! 🌊

As we ended the week, Class 11 have been researching what can cause a flood. We have also looked into how humans can cause flooding, the physical impact to the earth that this can have and then how we can prevent them in the future. I can’t praise Class 11 enough for how well they collaborated with each other. It was another lovely lesson that we have had this week!

Class 11 Family Learning! 🌋

We don’t know if you’re aware, but there was an eruption close to Green Top and we had to make sure that we could escape safely from the area. Luckily, we all just about managed to complete the challenging clues and evacuate from the eruption area.

In all seriousness, it was a lovely morning filled with so many smiling faces and not just the children. Thank you to everyone who could make it and for making it a really lovely morning!

Class 11s Magnificent Magna Trip!

Well, it is fair to say that Class 11 loved their trip to Magna today. They got to experience making their own volcano, as well as helping to make it erupt. They used lots of team work, great vocabulary and determination to make sure that the eruption was large.

We then ventured around the Magna Centre to look at other areas, such as the air and fire floors. This literally blew our mind and we enjoyed watching the fire tornado and seeing how that worked.

After a quick spot of lunch and play in the park, Class 11 then went to explore more of the centre, looking at the Earth floor, where we got to try and gather rock and drive diggers (don’t worry, we were in charge of sorting the digging out!) to help collect more rocks. Finally, we finished off in the water area and this was by far our favourite. We got to squirt water guns, drive boats and some of us even experienced a storm on the way!

Class 11 absolutely loved their day at the Magna Centre and have even asked if we can visit again. Hopefully you have heard lots of great stories from them! Thank you as well to the parents that helped out, it definitely made it easier and more settled! 😆

Class 11 fossils 🪨

Today, Class 11 have looked into the process of fossilisation. We learned that happens overtime, after animals decompose, layers of sediment rises over the bones and these eventually turn into rock. We know that they are rare to find, too. We even made our own fossils, which we will come back to tomorrow!