All About Me Maths!

Today in our Maths learning we discussed ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’. We measured ourselves against our friends and found who was the tallest/shortest in our crew. Lots of the children continued their learning in their play. We had lots of pictures drawn showing the children’s understanding of taller and shorter and also some children comparing objects in the environment. Well done Class 3 for your awesome work today!

Fun in Class 3

In our first week at school we enjoyed exploring our new environment. Look at all these children captured on camera having lots of fun!

Welcome to Class 3

We have had an amazing first week In Class 3. The children have been INCREDIBLE. I have seen so much progress already. This week we have focused on Crew. We have met our crew leaders, learned about the members of our crew and we have decided our crew norms. We will continue this work next week too. The children have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment and have produced some beautiful work in their play.

In Class 3 we have 2 Crews. Crew Schön and Crew Cook. The children meet their Crew leader 3 times per day to check in. In Crew Time we do our daily registers, hold circles, discuss our norms and our progress and ensure we are all on track to be the best versions of ourselves. At the end of each day we do a ‘checkout’ where we discuss and celebrate our day. We will also set targets for what we want to achieve next.

Our Crew time will start promptly at 8:50 each day so please ensure children are at school on time every day. Our doors are open from 8:30am to get children in and settled before we begin our day.

I hope your child has had a wonderful first week in Class 3!

Miss Schön


Crew Schön

Crew Cook


Our last day in Reception

We have had a lovely last day today. First of all can I say a huge thank you for all the support from parents this year. It has been an amazing school year and it has been an absolute pleasure to teach the children in Class 3 and 4. The children have been amazing. Their attitude to learning and resilience amazes us everyday. All of the staff have had a wonderful year full learning, fun and laughter. Your children are an absolute credit to you all!

Today the children were treated to ice lollies from Mrs Hindson and we did some party dancing to celebrate the end of our school year.

Throughout the year the children have enjoyed looking through their workbooks at their learning journeys and they have been desperate to take them home. It is amazing to see how they have all progressed throughout the year despite Covid! Today they were so excited to receive their books! We hope you enjoy sharing your child’s learning journey with them.

Once again thank you for a wonderful year. We will miss the children dearly but we will keep popping in to see how they are doing in their new classes and to see their amazing work.

Good luck and have an AMAZING Summer!


Race for Ray

Today we enjoyed learning about Ray and helping him with his challenge to get 80 schools running 80 miles. All of the children put lots of effort into their running today and not 1 child decided to finish the activity early! We were blown away with each and every one of them!

Our week so far in Year 1..

Well it’s Wednesday and we’ve already done so much!!
We’ve began to build our crew with fun activities like our human knot! We learnt about shapes, we’ve sang about the days of the week and the months of the year. As a class we read and discussed a new book, Mixed, and have thought hard about our feelings and how our actions affect others. We created some beautiful colour wheels in art and retold the story in a comic strip in English.
Class 5 are flourishing in their induction into year 1 and I can’t wait for September!

Well done so far! Miss Good


This week we are reading the story ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung. Today we explored what colours we can make from mixing red, yellow and blue. Look at all the lovely colours we made. The children really enjoyed this activity and loved talking about the colours they had made and the colours they had used.