In maths this week we have been exploring the number 0. We have also been exploring number bonds to 5. We have been reasoning and problem solving within these numbers and lots of the children are now able to use their knowledge of number bonds to find the answers to questions and explain their understanding.

We are now more confident at visualising one more and one less than a number.

We have begun to extend our understanding further by exploring how heavy an object is and understanding that the more things needed to balance the scales means the heavier the object is. We will be exploring this concept further in our maths provision next week.


In expedition this week we have been thinking about our own homes and what they look like. We have been doing some drawing and box modelling. We have also continued to explore what we can make with the resources around us. We now a new class display where we can show off the models we make!

Literacy Labs

In Literacy Labs this week we have been exploring the text ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and reciting the poem ‘This Little Piggy went to Market’. The children loved joining in with the story and continuing their learning in their play. We have been drawing pictures, building houses for the pigs, role playing the characters and using resources to retell the story. We also drew story maps to help us to retell the story.

Here are some photographs of the wonderful learning taking place this week…

Shout Outs

This week the children have been very motivated in all their learning. These children have caught our attention for their excellent learning attitudes.

Jack and Charlie worked together for a long period of time. They practised forming their letters correctly and then moved on to writing addition sums. They gave each other positive critique and if something did not go to plan they persevered until they got it right.

Willow made a rollercoaster in sunset club and brought it in to show her class. We thought this was a brilliant piece of engineering and it inspired other children to have a go themselves. She also made a super long rollercoaster which we will be using on our expedition display.

Thomas is always super motivated to do his homework and completes at least one piece every week. This week he has inspired children to make box models by sharing his box model haunted house, he has been baking and he has also joined in with his sisters homework and made a jellyfish. The children loved his jellyfish so much that it inspired even more jellyfish to be made in our creative area.

Charlotte has been working at home this week and the children have loved seeing that she has been doing the same activities that we have in class. The children enjoyed sending Charlotte messages about her work.


In phonics this week we have been practising the sounds we have learned so far with a focus on recalling j v w x y z and zz.

Our new sounds this week are the qu ch and sh digraphs. We have done lots of fun activities but our favourite was a phonics quiz!

We have had lots of children keen to practise their reading and writing skills during their provision time.

Early Years Engineers

This week we have been hooking the children into our new Expedition. Our expedition title is ‘Early Years Engineers’ and our guiding question is ‘In a world of possibilities, what would you make?’

We found out the many jobs an engineer can do and how important their role is. We had a go at being engineers ourselves. We made plans and tried to bring them to life using the resources we had available in our classrooms. We had to think like an engineer and adapt our plans if something was not working.

Here is a glimpse of some of our designs and the models we made from doors, buildings and bridges to bags and rollercoasters! We have been very busy engineers!

Christmas Treat

Today we had a Christmas Party to celebrate all our hard work this term. We are so proud of the children for working hard every day. We have seen some amazing progress and are very excited for the Spring Term.