How do you eat yours?

Today, Class 7 have enjoyed learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in our expedition science lesson where we worked collaboratively to sort animals using a Venn diagram.

Special shout outs were awarded by the children today, and go to … Kaila who was very brave in starting her new gymnastics class at the weekend; Harry who is always helping to keep our classroom tidy and in order – real stewardship; and, Cara who has been extra kind today in helping her crew mates with their learning. Well done boys and girls!

Walking through the story

We had a wonderful lesson in english last week where the children were re-hooked into our anchor text ‘The Last Bear’. We set up the hall with lights and made it feel dark and cold to resemble the scenes in the text, they were asked to follow the trail of lights and with torches connect with the pictures and the readings to immerse themselves into the story further, thinking about how the characters feel and what could happen next.

Phonics sounds and spelling list wb. 24.1.22

This weeks phonics focus sounds will be…
wh as in when, ph as in phone, ew as in stew and oe as in toe

Our weekly spellings are…
here, there, when, which, alpha, graph, stew, crew, toe, goes

Any help you could give your child with recognising the sounds and practising the spellings would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your continued support and to all those who practised last week’s spellings. It really does make a massive difference for the children to see that the work they do in school is considered just as important at home.

Miss Rodgers and Miss Good x


In maths this week we have been exploring the number 0. We have also been exploring number bonds to 5. We have been reasoning and problem solving within these numbers and lots of the children are now able to use their knowledge of number bonds to find the answers to questions and explain their understanding.

We are now more confident at visualising one more and one less than a number.

We have begun to extend our understanding further by exploring how heavy an object is and understanding that the more things needed to balance the scales means the heavier the object is. We will be exploring this concept further in our maths provision next week.


In expedition this week we have been thinking about our own homes and what they look like. We have been doing some drawing and box modelling. We have also continued to explore what we can make with the resources around us. We now a new class display where we can show off the models we make!

Literacy Labs

In Literacy Labs this week we have been exploring the text ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and reciting the poem ‘This Little Piggy went to Market’. The children loved joining in with the story and continuing their learning in their play. We have been drawing pictures, building houses for the pigs, role playing the characters and using resources to retell the story. We also drew story maps to help us to retell the story.

Here are some photographs of the wonderful learning taking place this week…

Out of this World and Learning Legend awards

A massive well done to Lexi and Anais who won our Out of this World and Learning Legend certificates today.

Lexi has tried so hard to follow our HoWLs and listen very carefully to instructions and her learning has progressed massively because of this.

Anais has been a lovely friend and is always kind and helpful and really deserved her postcard today.

Well done ladies.