Today’s Learning Legends…

Great job everyone! Another day of super work:D xx

Crew Thurkettle’s Learning Legend is…. Maya

Well done Maya! You have been a Lightbulb Leo today! You came up with some great answers in maths and even managed to create your own question too! 🙂

Cocoon H’s Learning Legend is…. Danny

Well done Danny! You have been a real Can Do Colin today. You were extremely grown up when talking about why it’s important to be on the green planet instead of the red, and you’ve also done a fantastic job at all of your learning today 🙂

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you have all had a lovely day whether you have been in school or at home! Super learning today and I have been really impressed with the crew learning- Well done everybody!

Critique for today…

I notice. . . great red and green planets produced.

I praise. . . Creative use of things around us for the magic number in maths

I wonder. . If you are excited to write the first draft of your letters tomorrow?

Learning legend for today. . . Emilea Read for super learning across English, Maths and Crew today! A real Motivated Moe!

Super online learning in year 1 today

A great Monday and lots and lots of fabulous working coming in so well done Year 2!! I have enjoyed looking through all of your work today and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Critique for today . . .

I notice. . . lots of variation in representing numbers in maths

I praise. . . a great start to the planning of our letters

I wonder. . . continue with high standards to ensure that our letters to our teacher are top quality!

Learning legend for today is Tobias Martin for super maths learning and using coins and counting them to represent his number! Well done!

Today’s Learning Legends…

Well done for today everyone! Another fabulous day of super work 😀

Crew Thurkettle’s Learning Legend is…Misha!

Well done Mish. You have been a Lightbulb Leo today! You did a great job at solving the maths code breaker, using your addition and subtraction skills to help you! You also explained what a letter is on padlet and thought carefully about which learning aliens you show! 🙂

Cocoon H’s Learning Legend is… Damion!

Well done Damo you have done a fabulous job today! You have been a Motivated Mo. You have identified the 5 parts of writing a letter and was also able to explain why it was important to be the learning aliens! I will blog soon 🙂 

Beautiful Work – Y5/6 final product

A huge congratulations to all teh students and staff in Y5/6 on an amazing product to share the collaborative learning outcomes from their Summer term expedition. I am blown away by the quality of work and character growth of our students despite being in the centre on a Pandemic. Our students have grappled with tough scientific content, composed musical and lyrical pieces of art work and presented their learning eloquently in the product shared here.

Well done all!