Collaborative maths

The children have worked in collaborative groups to answer fraction word problems. The children raced against the timer to see which groups can answer the questions the quickest and the group that answered the questions correctly first won 100hps. You were all Stickability Stans and I’m super proud!

Holiday photos

As our theme is ‘What’s beyond your garden gate?’ we are looking closely at our local area before extending our geography skills and looking at different areas of the UK, leading on to learning about geographical features in different countries. To link in with our theme, each year 3/4 class has displayed a big world map poster outside of our classrooms- if you would like to, the children can bring a picture in of where they have been on a holiday destination (whether that be a place in England, in Europe, or another country) and we can put these up around the poster.


Hockey 🏑

A great end to the week with some competitive hockey. Each team worked really hard and I was so impressed with how every single person got stuck in and tried their best! Mrs Green and Mrs Hardman would have been proud with the technique and skills!

Well done to those with full kits this week 50hps each! – a reminder that PE is every Friday so outdoor PE kits will be needed please.


This week in phonics we have been learning the digraphs ch, sh, th and ee. We know that when these letters are together they make a new sound. We have been good ‘digraph spotters’ and have been finding these graphemes hiding in words and sentences. Can you find any of these digraphs hiding in the books you read or can you hear them in the words you are writing?

What a treat for Jemima!

Jemima had a fabulous time at Millie’s house last night and what a treat to wake up and celebrate Millie turning 6 today! Thank you so much for the chocolate cake, class 5 (and Jemima) really enjoyed it!