Magical maths

Class 8 have been working so hard in maths today. We started by counting in 3’s using maths resources. After we did some repeated addition and linked this to times tables and everyone was working so hard and challenging themselves.


We we are so proud class 8 please keep it up!


From Miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill

Class 4 Proud Parents

It is lovely to see that we already have 2 very proud parents in class 4.

10 house points to Katie who has made her mum and dad proud at home for blending her words.

10 house points for Cara who has been recognising her shapes in the environment for her mum.

Keep up the amazing learning at home class 4 and more house points will be given I cant wait to read more!

Fun with Phonics!

This week in phonics the children have been working hard to listen to and join in with rhyme. How many nursery rhymes do you know? Can you clap the rhyming couplets? Here are a few to keep you going! Don’t forget to record you fun with phonics in your homework book for your extra class reward!








Funky Friday Time!

The children enjoyed a movie and hot chocolate today for FFT!

The children have worked so hard this week with finding numbers around them, naming and exploring 2D Shapes, learning how to retell the ‘Three Little Pigs’ through song, role play and art. A well deserved treat for everyone!