Thinking about keeping our oceans clean

This afternoon the children were exploring sea life toys and recycling in the water tray. They were shocked and surprised to see and hear how animals are affected by this.

Following this the children investigated the water independently and talked to their peers about what they found.

Mason said “They got stuck in the rubbish”

Paighton said “They’ll get sick”

Louie said “The animals will not get through”

Kristoff said “it’s stuck, can’t swim”

Elodie said “the animals could swallow it, you should put it in the bin”

It was wonderful to hear such thoughtful comments from our Nursery children.

KS2 Disco!

Our KS2 children have all enjoyed their disco this evening … sweets, treats and plenty of dancing!! A big thank you to the Friends of GreenTop for organising this fab event for our children 🙂