Key stage 1 celebration of learning

A huge thank you to all of the parents, carers and grandparents who came to our key stage 1 celebration of learning this afternoon! It was so hot but so many of you came and we really appreciate it…the children were thrilled!

I was so proud of how well the children spoke, the quality of their work, their acting skills and their beautiful singing!

we hope you enjoyed it just as much!

Thanks again, from the key stage 1 team! 💚💚💚

Class 8 meditation

We spent some time today completing some meditation exercises and I think it really helped to focus and calm the children because today they produced some fantastic work!

Amazing guys x x

Class 8 building background knowledge

Class 8 were working fabulously in their teams today to create a bigger picture of their knowledge of art. They knew and could recall so much from other expeditions that they blew me away but most of all I loved that they worked in mini crews to create fantastic discussions.

Well done class 8

Mrs Shaw x

KS1 Celebration of Learning

Wednesday 22nd June, KS1 (year 1 and 2) will be holding a celebration of learning assembly to showcase the amazing learning the children have been doing this Summer Term. From 2:15pm in the hall, please enter through the main office doors. There will be refreshments and lots of awesome learning, in the form of a presentation and then chance to have a look at the work we have been doing!

We hope to see you there! KS1 Team x

class 8 fluency reading

Class 8 were learning a text today so that they can use the wagoll in their final writing touchdown. They learnt a text by reading and making actions to the wagoll, which they then used in their own writing!

What fantastic reading I could see and hear today and can’t wait to critique their writing when it is finished x x

class 8 RE day

Today in key stage 1 we had a full day focused on religious education. We have been learning about Thorne and Doncaster and felt that we needed to research the diverse cultures and religions that are apparant nearby.

The children learnt about Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism.

They completed activities and fun collaborative work throughout the day.

I’m sure that they enjoyed it as much as we did! Well done guys x x