Class 10 forces experiment!

Today, Class 10 have made predictions about how friction will affect how vehicles travel. We tested the car on different surfaces and found that, the smoother the surface, the further the car went. However, the rougher or bumpier the surface, the more friction there was and the car would travel less distance.

Well done Class 10 on working so well together! 🙂

Class 10 magnets! 🧲

What a great lesson from Class 10, today! We experimented with magnets and put on our scientific hats with the hope of finding out what materials were magnetic and which weren’t. We accurately predicted that the items made of metal (paper clips, coins and table legs) would attract the magnet, but items that were not made of metal (rulers, paper and rubbers) would not attract them.

However, some did try to trick me into thinking that plastic was magnetic!

Keep up the great scientific work, Class 10! 🙂

Roaring success at YWP! 😆

Class 10 have walked for miles and seemed tried after a bus journey, but loved their day at YWP seeing so many incredible animals. We were very excited to get in and start exploring!

We then went to see the lions, but they didn’t like the early start, so off we went to see the polar bears and the warty pigs!

After that, we went to see some of the giant otters, including the baby have their breakfast, the monkeys and then walk with the wallabies!

We then finished off wandering the tigers, the leopard and the giraffes and then finally finished with a workshop on polar bears!

We even cam face to face with a terrifying polar bear!

A huge well done to Class 10 for how they behaved around YWP and a massive thank you for all of our parent volunteers – we really appreciate you coming! 🙂

Class 10s Tuesday! 📏✍️

Yesterday, Class 10 were practising their measuring skills and began to explore using rulers with different items around the class. This was to get used to the vocabulary and understand measurements fully.

We then finished our day off by finding the key features of a setting description ready to take some ideas for independent pieces of writing.

Class 10 Hook Week! 🐻‍❄️❄️🥶

For the first couple of days back, Class 10 have been researching their knowledge of polar bears by working collaboratively on building up their knowledge of these incredible creatures.

Class 10 then got their craft on and started making their very own polar bear decorations. These looked really great and will immerse our classroom!

No children were harmed in this polar bear encounter!

On our second day of Hook Week, we have continued to be creative and make decorations that we can then use for our room. We’ve made some really lovely polar bear hand prints.

Is your child using the latest version of Timetables Rockstars?

I have been notified by TTRS (Maths Circle) that many children are using out-of-date versions of the game which may not have the new functionalities.

It’s important that they use the latest versions of the app and and website to ensure they receive the most secure, feature-rich and enjoyable experience of Times Tables Rock Stars. Some of the versions are so far behind that they’re missing out on key updates. 


If using the website at home, please ask parents to visit to load the latest version in their device’s browser. Otherwise please to update the Times Tables Rock Stars app from the app store.


Mr Mumby