Literacy Labs

Today we had lots of fun doing Literacy Labs in F2.

We worked together as a crew to find out about a book and what we though might happen, We wrote some lists for our birthday cake ingredients and even made some decorations and paper chains!
What a day!

Well done everyone

Mrs Wallace 😊

KS1 Final Product – update

KS1 were so excited to take receipt of their Summer expedition final product … a set of round-the-world Top Trump recipe cards!

Our expedition explored the question, ‘what does the food we eat tell us about the world around us?’.

The cards look fantastic and we are only disappointed that we can’t share them with you straight away due to the number of KS1 children currently self- isolating. With this in mind, we will launch the product when we return to school in September and offer everyone the opportunity to purchase their very own set.


Literacy and Maths Challenge of the Week

In Literacy we are looking at writing lists by writing the letter shapes we know. Can you have a go at writing a list for something? It could be a list of your favourite toys, a shopping list, a list of the people who live in your house, a ‘to do’ list. Whatever you like! Think carefully about what letters look like and what sounds you can hear in words to help you.

In Maths this week we are looking at sharing equally. Can you use objects or drawings to show sharing amounts equally? Use plates and objects to help you.


Can you share 6 biscuits between 3 children?

How many do they all get?

Is it the same?

Is it fair?