5 years ago today

This picture was taken 5 years ago today when we achieved a good ofsted grading. The school is a different place to what it was then… What a journey! Thanks to all those who have joined us and continued with us on our journey. Alan would be so proud of you all!

Disney Drawing Competition

Class 3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Disney drawing competition in memory of Alan. We were very impressed with the children’s efforts with some children producing up to 5 pictures throughout the day! An extra special well done to Carter who was chosen as the EYFS winner of the competition. Carter produced lots of different pictures throughout the day and thoroughly deserved his amazing prize. We hope you have fun producing lots more pictures Carter. We think you could be an illustrator when you grow up or maybe even work for Disney!

Please enjoy this little video of some of the amazing drawings!

What a lovely day for Our Alan!!!

Today the children in class 3 and 4 took part in a Disney drawing competition for Alan.  They loved being ‘Have a Go Henry’s’ and trying out loads of different Disney characters following instructions on YouTube.  Below are a few images of the pictures drawn and finally a massive well done to Carter who won the best picture for Early Years but it must have been so hard to choose as they were all amazing.

1 year on…

Friday 22nd November is 1 year on from the devastating day we lost Alan. Our school community will never be the same and I thank each and every one of you for supporting each other and our school community through this.

Yesterday, I placed a posy of blue and yellow flowers at the graveside on behalf of all the staff and students at Green Top.

To remember Alan on Friday we will be hosting an ‘Alan Finley Memorial Day’ (Please join us in wearing your football shirt or blue for the day) Anyone wishing to donate £1 to support the Alan Finley Trust is invited to do so.

We will also be hosting a drawing competition within school which will be launched to the students tomorrow. This competition will be judged by Yvette and Janet (Alan’s family) on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for your continued support

#alwaysGreenTop #alwaysforAlan

Finley Fancy Dress competition

A massive thank you to Alan’s family, Yvette and Janet who came to our Picnic in the Park event to judge our Finley fancy dress competition – something Alan would have loved!

We were delighted to see so many entries and honoured that Yvette and Janet were able to come along to judge with us.

A massive thank you to all who competed.

We are hoping to make this an annual tradition at our Picnic in the Park event.

LCFC – acknowledgement for Alan

Jake and his family have been in talks with LCFC since Alan’s passing and were sent this beautiful certificate of acknowledgement of Alan’s dedication to both the school and the football club, both of which we know he loved dearly.

This was shared with the children in todays’ assembly and will be placed in the school foyer.

Thanks Jake and LCFC!

Beautiful gift to remember Alan


Myself & Macy Garth wanted to do a little something in memory of Alan, although it took a little longer than we planned to put together, ( due to the post at this time of year) we hope that this would be appropriate as Alan was cherished by so many, & brought so much pleasure to the school & children.

We thought that this would be a great way for him to be remembered by, as he was never without a bunch of keys by his side
Martin and Macy Garth



Here is a poem I wrote that you may wish to share as a tribute to Alan

I Am Alan as you all knew
But now I’ve moved on to pastures new

I AM still alive, my spirit is free
Although you cant see me, I am still me

I appear to you now in other ways
& here is a poem so you can relate..

I AM the smile upon your face
I AM the star that shines with grace

I AM the animal you love so dear
I AM the love you give so sincere

I AM the laughter when you’re having fun
I AM the warmth you feel from the sun

I AM the fall of autumn leaves
I AM the soft sigh of a gentle breeze

I AM what I am, & now I am free
I float in the air, no cares for me

I AM a dove, at peace at last
I AM Gods love, not the present or the past

I AM infinite. the light & the dark
I AM free as a bird, I sing with the lark

Please do not Mourne me, let me go
I AM now where I belong, my light will glow

I AM the prayer you say at night
I AM the hug that holds you tight

I AM right here with you, whenever you call
I AM always here, just not in human form

So now you see.. I am never gone
Just call me to you and we are one!

In loving memory

Best wishes

Karen x