F2: Reading Challenge Graduates

Today we held our first graduation event for the Doncaster Stories Reading Challenge. Here are our first 5 children to complete their reading maps. We are super proud of them all for engaging so well with their reading at home.

There is still time to complete your reading challenge! We will hold a graduation event every Tuesday for those children who have completed their maps. Keep Reading!

Reception: Maths

This week we have been working with tangrams and using triangle and squares to make different shapes and pictures. The children were amazing at using their shape knowledge and problem solving skills to complete challenges.

Reception: Expeditionary learning

This week the children have amazed us with their reading and writing in our expedition lessons. Their use of phonics to read sentences and draw pictures to show their understanding was lovely to see and their writing about what they could see in Billy’s Bucket (this weeks text) was beautiful. See pictures below if you want to be amazed.

Reception: World environment and world Ocean day.

What a busy week the children had in reception last week celebrating both World Environment day and World Ocean day! The children works super hard learning about how to look after the world and it’s oceans and what we can do to make sure we are keeping the planet safe and clean for others and the worlds animals. The children really impressed us with all the different activities they got involved in over the week including making posters, writing about looking after the oceans and the planet and trying lots of new exciting activity stations around the classroom like ice trays for arctic animals, rescuing sea turtles trapped in rubbish and of course their amazing costumes for World Ocean day! Please see the video below of some of their fabulous Learning.

Reception: World Environment Day

Today in expedition we have been appreciating the wonderful planet we live on. Some of the children spent a long time making some wonderful Earth themed crafts! We also made our own small world environments for the toy animals to live in. Tomorrow we will be learning about the impact of human activity on our planet and how we can take action to protect the environment.