KS2 Disco!

Our KS2 children have all enjoyed their disco this evening … sweets, treats and plenty of dancing!! A big thank you to the Friends of GreenTop for organising this fab event for our children 🙂

Crew Dutton – Team Building Games in the Sunshine

Last Friday, part of Crew Dutton were out for bikeability in the sun. To keep ourselves busy back in class, the rest of us enjoyed some crew games out on the playground. Children enjoyed playing lava and trying their best to find safe passage for all their team across the molten floor – unfortunately only a few survived … just!

Class 15 – Amazing HoWLs

Last week, Class 15 celebrated yet another week at the top of the UKS2 HoWLs leaderboard. To celebrate, we enjoyed some delicious ice-lollies and an extra playtime in the sun. Well done everyone – keep it up and let’s see if we can make it a hat-trick by winning again on Monday!

Class 15 – Mr Stink Vocabulary Work

In Year 5, we are having fun developing our reading skills by exploring the fantastic (if a little smelly!) story, Mr Stink. At the start of this week, while most of our crew were out for bikeability, we spent some time finding out about the new words we could find in our text. We used our reading around the text to make a sensible prediction about what the new word might mean and then we checked this by using a dictionary. Why not check in with us and find out what these words – such as: crestfallen, disdain, interject, ponder and loiter – mean.

Class 15 – We LOVE Ancient Egypt!

Class 15 have been really enjoying learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. Last week, we learned about their Journey to the Afterlife – where only those light of heart would make it to the Field of Reeds. Check out some of our comic strips depicting this perilous journey below: