How do you eat yours?

Today, Class 7 have enjoyed learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in our expedition science lesson where we worked collaboratively to sort animals using a Venn diagram.

Special shout outs were awarded by the children today, and go to … Kaila who was very brave in starting her new gymnastics class at the weekend; Harry who is always helping to keep our classroom tidy and in order – real stewardship; and, Cara who has been extra kind today in helping her crew mates with their learning. Well done boys and girls!

Money Problems and Friday Celebrations

Today, Class 7 worked collaboratively to have a go at solving a wide range of mathematical problems involving money before our touchdown to end the unit.

Special shout outs go to Teddy who was our Out of this World hero and to Annabel who brought in this stunning coral reef model as part of her home learning … well done to both!

KS1 superstars!

We have had an amazing week in KS1. Lots to celebrate…

Lots of people have been working so hard in their learning, have shown that they are kind crew members and have been making good choices. We have had some awesome readers, getting or reader of the week as well as lots of reading certificates that have been achieved too!

Crew Rodgers and Crew Good won joint attendance this week, with 100% so get to keep Paddington and Jemima for the week! I wonder who will get Paddington or Jemima next week?

We are all so proud of the children! Thank you to everyone for continuing to work hard, get smart and be kind! Keep up the hard word, and maybe it could be YOU next week?

Community Crew: Online Safety

In this week’s community crew session, Class 7 have been discussing how to stay safe online with a focus on how easy it is for people to hide their true identities. We spent some time making colourful posters to remind others to be careful when using the internet.

Class 7 shoutouts

Well done to the following children who have all received a shout out over the past two days:

Cara – for always being kind to others, even when they have upset her

Reuben – for trying his best in ALL of his learning and displaying a fantastic attitude to learning

Katie – for pushing herself out of her comfort zone and achieving some fantastic independent writing

Jobey – who is always trying his best to work hard and do the right thing in our lessons

Reef – who has been practising his handwriting at home and is using this consistently back in the classroom

Heidi – who has been working hard and becoming more independent in her maths work

Teddy – who has been blowing me away with his quick-thinking maths skills in our lessons about money

Harry – who was so proud of himself for being in the local paper with his beavers club

A great job, Class 7 is very lucky to have you all!

Tuesday Legends

Congratulations to Class 7 legends today, Annabel and Harley … chosen by Mrs Green. Mrs Green said Annabel is always an exemplary student who tries her best and that Harley is always impressing her with his work hard attitude when she visits Class 7. Well done to both!

New Spellings for Year 2

This week’s spelling focus is the /s/ sound when it is spelt as a ‘c’ before an i, e or y. Take a look at some of the spelling words we will be practising for next week’s test below. Thank you to those who have remembered to bring in their spelling books … don’t forget to bring these back into school so that we can update them for you.

Monday Heroes

Well done to today’s learning legends … Cara who was super kind to one of her friends today and Kaila who has been brave. A special shout-out also goes to Layla for her fantastic home learning – a fabulous under the sea collage. Well done girls!

Friday Legends

A big well done to Friday’s learning legends in class 7. Reef was rewarded because he has been working super hard on his presentation recently and this is paying off in all of his learning, and Heidi has been working super hard in her maths learning too … great job!

Fabulous learning at home and in school for class 7

Check out some of the brilliant home learning brought into school today – a big shout out to Poppy and Layla who have both produced some fabulous artwork inspired by our new underwater theme, as well as Annabel who has been busy practising her spellings on the computer.

Shout outs go to all of our learning legends today as well … Bobby for some super speedy independent maths work, Marshall for a fantastic self- critique in maths, Reef for his focus and determination with handwriting and presentation, and Cara who has returned to school today full of smiles and zest for learning. Well done guys!