Investigating Sound

The children in school have had a great time investigating sound this week. We have learnt about pitch and volume by completing a number of different experiments. It was great to see everyone having a go at using scientific language and explaining their findings.

Castles Project.

What a fantastic Design and Technology case study we have enjoyed in our Castle Walls expedition in year 2. The children have designed and built authentic castles with working drawbridges as you have seen in our blog posts this week. This afternoon the children participated in a silent gallery where they evaluated their friends work and then used their comments to produce thoughtful and helpful critiques.

Please enjoy this video which showcases their efforts.

Super proud of you guys!

String Telephones

The children in school had great fun making string telephones. After a challenging start, we finally managed to attach the string to the cups. We investigate how different lengths of string affected the phones. Today, we are going to be finding out how these telephones work. I wonder if you can share with your grown ups what you found out.



In light of feedback received from parents of schools within the XP Trust, I would like to refer you to a letter written by the CEO of the XP Trust regarding the Academic Calendar.

XP Trust Calendar

The deadline for comment and critique of the Academic Holiday Calendar will be 12pm Thursday 25th February. If you haven’t already, please use your voice by completing the form at the link above. 

With Thanks

Mrs Claira Salter

How can music help us to feel different emotions?

In expedition this week we are thinking about how sounds can make us feel different emotions. We have listened to different pieces of music and talked about how they make us feel – some made us feel relaxed, excited and tired!

Next we looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky and how he used shapes, colours and emotions in his work. We chose our favourite piece of music and tried some artwork of our own. It was very fun and helped us to feel relaxed. We would love to do this activity again!