Year 1 History

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in baby photos so far. The children have loved looking at them and trying to guess which one of their classmates is in the photograph. We have been talking about how much the children have changed over time. We have also been playing ‘Guess the teacher’ and comparing how the quality of the photographs have changed over time. We will be continuing to share photographs thoughout next week so you still have time to send them in if you haven’t done so already.

Year 1

Next week we are moving on to our History case study. To help us with our learning we would love to play a game of matching our friends to their baby photos. If your child is happy for their photo to be included in their class game please email your child’s class teacher a baby photo. We can’t wait to see how much you have all grown!

Miss Schon and Miss Rodgers

Class 15 at the Book Fair!

This morning, Class 15 enjoyed a crew treat with a visit to the book fair. We checked out the different books on offer and were even able to read a page or two of the ones we liked best. To end our session, we shared two of the picture books as a crew read.

The book fair is still in school at the start of next week so don’t forget to pay a visit and treat yourself to some new reads!

D Day 80 at Green Top

On this day 80 years ago, thousands of troops from 13 different countries took part in Operation Neptune, otherwise known as D Day. This morning, Green Top children from all year groups learned of the courageous actions of the brave men and women who played a part in the Allied operation that launched the successful defeat of Nazis in occupied Western Europe during World War II. Reception children produced Union Flag bunting, Y1 made the parachutes of the soldiers who were dropped over the enemy lines the previous evening to capture roads and bridges, cutting off the supply lines to the German defences and Y2 created silhouettes of the planes that provided air cover for the invasion and the barrage balloons that protected the Allied troops from air strikes. Years 3 and 4 produced fact files of the key facts of the operation, Y5 wrote thoughtful diary entries from the points of view of soldiers from both sides of the conflict as well as their families, and Y6 created beautiful art work depicting the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

All of this work will be collated into a display in school by the History Club, helping to ensure that we will never forget the heavy price that was paid all those years ago for our freedom.


Crew Shaw has remembered the soldiers who has passed and the ones still alive today. We had a PowerPoint with lots of information, the children absolutely loved it! Then they went on to make their aircraft used. Here are some parts of the learning.

Thinking about keeping our oceans clean

This afternoon the children were exploring sea life toys and recycling in the water tray. They were shocked and surprised to see and hear how animals are affected by this.

Following this the children investigated the water independently and talked to their peers about what they found.

Mason said “They got stuck in the rubbish”

Paighton said “They’ll get sick”

Louie said “The animals will not get through”

Kristoff said “it’s stuck, can’t swim”

Elodie said “the animals could swallow it, you should put it in the bin”

It was wonderful to hear such thoughtful comments from our Nursery children.