Reception: What a lovely morning at Thorne Pentecostal Church!

The children had a fantastic time at Thorne Pentecostal Church. We enjoyed a lovely story session with pastor Kevin and had a fun time exploring his lovely play spaces at the church. A huge Thank you to Pastor Kevin for his lovely assembly for the children the resources made were beautiful and thank you for allowing us into your fantastic play rooms the children loved it. A massive thank you also to all the parents who came to help walk the children there and back safely and for joining in our lovely morning activities at the church.

Year 3 -Crew Tortora Record Breakers

Today in G Block Crew Tortora were lucky enough to take part in becoming World Record Breakers by joining forces with National Numeracy Charity and Times Tables Rock Stars to beat the record for a live stream number roll. The children joined in with Katya from Strictly Come Dancing and Baz from TT Rock Stars. The children danced along with Katya and the event encouraged children to feel positive and confident about maths. The challenge was adjudicated by an official from the Guinness World Records and a new record was set. Well done everyone.

F2 Local walk

If any of our parents would like to walk with us on Wednesday please let Miss Carter know.

Thank you

Class 5’s visit to Weston Museum!

WOW What a day we had yesterday! It was incredible to see the children so excited about all the exhibits throughout West Park Museum. We got to explore what living in Sheffield was like in the 1950s, what jobs people used to have and how what the ‘Steel City’ really had to offer. The children got to browse the incredible art in the gallery, looking at different interpretations of the rural fields and hills, the 5 main rivers that run through Sheffield, the steel factories and how it has changed over the years to the urbanised, high rise built up area we drove through.

I can’t wait to see the finished banner we created with print working too. The children got to use real ink to make impressions, printed onto a wonderful fabric banner. Hopefully we can display these proudly in school 😀 We took so many amazing pictures, I couldn’t choose the best, just look at all our smiling faces!!!

Weston Park Museum Trip

Class 7 have enjoyed an awesome trip to Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. We learned about the changing history of Sheffield in our morning workshop before using our fabulous art skills to make landscape prints to then use on a large canvas.

During the afternoon, we enjoyed some free time to explore the delights of the museum before a little playtime in the park and an ice-cream treat to celebrate our fantastic behaviour.

It has been an absolute delight to take you all out today, well done Class 7!

Year 3 and 4 Family Learning

Are you ready to face Lady Overson and Lord Mumby? Will you be hired? The Apprentice has arrived at Green Top.

Join us on Thursday 19th May to see if you have what it takes to be hired in each crew. Arrive at the office at 1:30pm and be prepared to receive your brief. You will have a number of tasks to complete before pitching your final product. Finally, an anonymous vote will take place to see who will be hired. We will finish at 3pm.

We look forward to seeing you all there.