Literacy and Maths Challenge of the Week

In Literacy we are looking at writing lists by writing the letter shapes we know. Can you have a go at writing a list for something? It could be a list of your favourite toys, a shopping list, a list of the people who live in your house, a ‘to do’ list. Whatever you like! Think carefully about what letters look like and what sounds you can hear in words to help you.

In Maths this week we are looking at sharing equally. Can you use objects or drawings to show sharing amounts equally? Use plates and objects to help you.


Can you share 6 biscuits between 3 children?

How many do they all get?

Is it the same?

Is it fair?



Awesome addition

We have been practising our addition skills this week in our maths learning, we have been using number tracks and continued our learning with a game of snakes and ladders!

Well done everyone 😊

Mrs Wallace

Subtraction Maths Challenge

This week in maths we will be focusing on subtraction. We wonder if you could practise subtracting numbers from 10 (or if you find this super easy…move on to 20).

All you need are some objects, this could be cubes, pasta, cereal, bean bags, toys, play dough – whatever you like! and a hoop. If you don’t have a hoop you could draw a circle using chalk or simply use a piece of paper to count out 10 objects on and then take them away.

Please send a photo of you subtracting at home to [email protected] so that we can celebrate your home learning at Nursery and you will be awarded 10 HoWL points!

Happy learning! 🙂

Counting, counting, all day long!

We have been doing lots of different counting activities today in our maths learning. We were counting lots of different things in the classroom.We were adding spots to ladybirds, we made some pens and counted some animals into them and we did some super matching activities. All of the children were getting smart and I am so proud of you all!

Well done Scarecrows

Mrs Wallace