How a penguin feels

Crew Rodgers had indoor PE today and, continuing with our Dance unit, listened to the Story of Penguin Small who was abandoned by his friends, chased by polar bears and cast adrift on the sea before being reunited with the rest of his colony. They shared their ideas of how he felt and developed movements to show these emotions. See if you can guess any of their interpretations. Miss Barker and I were very impressed by your work.

Impressive Life-Cycle Work in Crew Rodgers

How amazing are these plant life-cycle drawings produced in Crew Rodgers as part of our science case study? The children confidently used subject specific vocabulary to label each stage of the life-cycle and describe what was happening to the seed. Some of us could even talk about what dormant means and how this related to the state of the plant inside the seed case while it waits for the correct conditions to begin to grow. How very scientific we are! Move over Professor Sprout….Crew Rodgers are catching you up!

Day 1? We smashed it!

So impressed with how Crew Rodgers have returned to school after our 2 week break. We have completed our expedition and maths blast offs as well as re-establishing our class norms, setting ourselves individual HoWL targets, doing some quiet reading and making chickens to decorate our new farm themed classroom…..what a busy day!

Well done everyone…Great to have you back x

Move over Einstein!

How awesome was the learning in Crew Rodgers this morning in our Maths lesson? The children loved puzzling out our equations and really got to grips with regrouping. Our carpet looked like Einstein’s workshop! I only hope our lovely cleaning ladies will forgive us.


Mindfulness was the name of the game in Crew Rodgers this morning as we focused on our breathing exercises to be present in the moment. We then took our meditation to the playground to focus on what we could see, hear, smell and feel. What a lovely calm start to the week!

Thank you Green Top! Goodnight!

We have no words to describe the fantastic effort and awesome learning habits displayed by crew Rodgers today in our Music case study. All of our HoWLs were evident as the children worked collaboratively to compose, record and perform a piece of music to accompany a medieval dance.

Check out our videos to appreciate just how hard the children have worked. We are so proud of you.

Miss Rodgers and Miss Barker



Fantastic collaboration skills in Crew Rodgers this morning while preparing to write paragraphs for our final product. The children discussed and noted everything they have learned about castles and I was blown away by how much they have learned in this expedition.

Great job guys!