Celebrating class 5

Shoutout to these awesome bunch! 2 more completed reading challenges from Maya and Macky and 2 post cards given out too, well done Isla and Harly! Its been hard this week, everyone has had such a great learning attitude during assessment week. Great job, gang!

KS1 Celebration of Learning

Wednesday 22nd June, KS1 (year 1 and 2) will be holding a celebration of learning assembly to showcase the amazing learning the children have been doing this Summer Term. From 2:15pm in the hall, please enter through the main office doors. There will be refreshments and lots of awesome learning, in the form of a presentation and then chance to have a look at the work we have been doing!

We hope to see you there! KS1 Team x

Class 5 Superstars

Big well done to Lily and Riley today! Riley is the first of our class to reach the end of our reading challenge!!!! What a fab job, well done Riley, keep up the awesome reading mate 😀

Another big shoutout to Lily today for her amazing attitude to learning, she is always such a connecting connie and today BLEW me away with her handwriting and the clear pride she takes in her work. So proud! Keep it up, superstar!

Class 5 celebrations

Big shoutout to our 2 out of this world winners this week as well as a reading champ and a HOWL points champ!! Well done for all your hard work, super stars!

Keep up with these amazing learning attitudes, I’m so proud of you all!

Class 5 as Victorians

Yesterday morning class 5 played the part of victorian school children, complete with rows of seats, ‘slates’ to write on and our very own DUNCE cap! We wrote lines, reminding ourselves of how to behave in the classroom, chanted our times tables and watched a video about how victorian children really went to school!

KS1 Phase Assesmbly

Lots more to celebrate this week in key stage 1! Year 1 had lots of amazing reading certificates given out, year 2 have been getting some awesome shoutouts for their hard work in SATS this week. The children were shining!

Lots of shoutouts for those of use that have been awarded the Be Kind, Get Smart and Work Hard HOWL certificates too. It is so great to see so many young people striving for these awards, although it makes it hard for us to choose sometimes! What a great dilemma to have. What could YOU do to be our winners next week?

KS1 – Eat your heart out Hollywood!

How wonderful it was to be able to welcome our parents and carers back for the celebration of our Autumn learning expedition – What will I do to be a superhero in my community?

We gathered at the XP East site for a star-spangled red carpet event where our children truly were the stars of the show in a first screening of their final product video which showcased their learning in true Hollywood style.

Thank you so much to everyone who braved the traffic and came dressed in their best to help us recognise and honour the children’s hard work and achievements in such an awesome fashion.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

KS1 Celebration of learning

Don’t forget, KS1 have our wonderful celebration of learning tomorrow over at XP East! The premier will start promptly at 5pm, please allow time prior to this for parking, vehicle registration and seating.

Address: Middle Bank, Doncaster DN4 5NG

Follow signs for parking to CAR PARK 3 of the Eco Power Stadium, on Stadium Way. Please remember if you do park here, to register your vehicle registration on the iPad in the building reception. This will be signposted for you too!

We look forward to seeing you for our film premier, feel free to come dressed appropriately; the children are the stars of the show!

KS1 Team x

Class 5’s visit to Weston Museum!

WOW What a day we had yesterday! It was incredible to see the children so excited about all the exhibits throughout West Park Museum. We got to explore what living in Sheffield was like in the 1950s, what jobs people used to have and how what the ‘Steel City’ really had to offer. The children got to browse the incredible art in the gallery, looking at different interpretations of the rural fields and hills, the 5 main rivers that run through Sheffield, the steel factories and how it has changed over the years to the urbanised, high rise built up area we drove through.

I can’t wait to see the finished banner we created with print working too. The children got to use real ink to make impressions, printed onto a wonderful fabric banner. Hopefully we can display these proudly in school 😀 We took so many amazing pictures, I couldn’t choose the best, just look at all our smiling faces!!!