There’s a new Mayor in town!

As part of immersing ourselves in our new Expedition class 6 have been discussing how decisions are made and learning about campaigning and a fair voting system.

Check out the gallery for the children’s ideas about what changes they would like to see at Green Top and the voting process for our new class mayor.

Big congratulations to………………….(drum roll please)……….


The children made speeches to encourage the others to vote for them and it was a very close race, with Imogen just pipping Nathaniel to the post.

I love how grown up you all were about the process.

Great job!

Considering Superheroes

Class 6 have worked amazingly today to discuss and act out those jobs that make a difference to all our lives. Check out the gallery of pictures and see if you can guess the jobs.

Also a big shout out to Reeva who produced a beautiful poster of her very own Superhero…her dog, Bonnie.

Well done everyone x

A great start for class 7!

Class 7 have started Year 2 with a bang! We’ve been busy discussing how colour links to our emotions and using this to create beautiful art. We’ve also been busy looking at tally charts and bar graphs too!

All of the children have had a fantastic return and it’s been lovely to see them all enjoying being back with their friends.

A special shout out today for Katie and Harry who independently critiqued one another’s handwriting, leading to immediate improvement … Super self-led learning guys! Well done 🙂

KS1 Final Product – update

KS1 were so excited to take receipt of their Summer expedition final product … a set of round-the-world Top Trump recipe cards!

Our expedition explored the question, ‘what does the food we eat tell us about the world around us?’.

The cards look fantastic and we are only disappointed that we can’t share them with you straight away due to the number of KS1 children currently self- isolating. With this in mind, we will launch the product when we return to school in September and offer everyone the opportunity to purchase their very own set.


Crew shaw being crew

This morning we used my deflating England balloons to work together in teams and then partners to move from one side of the classroom to the other without dropping it.

I was very impressed with my crew’s communication…what a great start to year 2 🙂

Mrs Shaw

‘Jam’-packed first day in CrewRodgers

What a fabulous welcome back we had to our final half term today. The children and I were  so happy to be back in class and showed this by following all our HoWLs so closely that we all managed to stay on the green planet all day…something we have never managed to do!

Enjoy these photographs of our re-hook English lesson to help us understand and identify the features of quality instructions.

Also a massive congratulations to our learning legend Luna, who blew me away with her fantastic efforts in a really tricky maths session.

Word reading

Key stage 1 have been speed reading our common exception words that will help immensely with their fluency.

Great work today crew

Mrs Shaw x