Coming back stronger in Crew Rodgers

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to let you know how excited we are to welcome our full crew back on Monday. We have been working hard to think of fun activities to help us all settle back into Green Top life as an awesome and hard-working crew once we are all back in the classroom once more.

Maths, English and Expedition slides will still be posted daily or weekly on the Y2 classroom stream should you wish to share your in-school learning with your family or perhaps you could complete the work again if you would like to practise further.

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see your fabulous faces on Monday.



Castles Project.

What a fantastic Design and Technology case study we have enjoyed in our Castle Walls expedition in year 2. The children have designed and built authentic castles with working drawbridges as you have seen in our blog posts this week. This afternoon the children participated in a silent gallery where they evaluated their friends work and then used their comments to produce thoughtful and helpful critiques.

Please enjoy this video which showcases their efforts.

Super proud of you guys!

Key stage 1 reading competition – Summer term

Key Stage 1 Quiz link


After the success of our reading competition last term where 2 children won a £25 amazon voucher each, we are going to continue it into the Summer term.

So…whenever your child reads any book, support them to access the link above and answer the brief questions in response to what they’ve read. Every time they complete a quiz, their name will be entered into the draw!

The more quizzes they complete the more chance they stand of winning so good luck to you all!

Grand Designs

Crew Rodgers have spent a wonderful afternoon using our designs to begin building our model castles. We wanted to make sure our castles included authentic features so we spent time cutting crenellations into the walls as well as installing windows and arrow loops. All of our castles boast gatehouses with real working drawbridges to keep out the dragons! Check back tomorrow to see how our work progresses as we begin to decorate and paint our designs.

Key Stage 1 half term video

Jerusalema KS1 video link


As part of mental health and well being week last week Key Stage 1 enjoyed learning a dance that has gone viral and really wanted to do their own…who are we to let them down 🙂


So, we have an end of term video that Key Stage 1 would love to share with you.

Thank you to children at home and in school and to parents and carers for all of your hard work and supporting school in everything we do.


Have a lovely half term


Mrs Shaw and your Key Stage 1 crew


On the trail of a princess

Crew Rodgers showed all they have learned in their Position and Direction maths unit today by following, or drawing and describing a trail for a dragon to find a princess. They used squared paper to make forward movements, and clockwise and anticlockwise turns to map out the route the dragon should take. The progress you have made in this unit is obvious.

So proud of you all.