At Emilea’s.

Hi everyone. I had a smashing time at Emilea’s last night. I love spending time with class 6 and finding out what they get up to when they aren’t in school. She took me to musical theatre before we shared my book at bedtime.

Did you know that reading helps young kids learn to focus and pay attention as they listen to a story?

See you soon

Juicy xx

Reading at home

Hi everyone.

Juicy here!

Jemima and I are having a fantastic time sharing our love of reading with the children from Year 1. Here are some photos of my sleepover’s with Jack and Andra. It was lovely to make some new friends at Jack’s house while he read my book of the month to us and, as you can see, I wasn’t the only furry creature to enjoy the story at Andra’s!

See you all soon.

Juicy and Sofia’s Sleepover

Juicy has really enjoyed his first two sleepover’s with Pandora and Sofia from Class 6. He has been very happy to share his book of the month, The Great Dog’s Bottom Swap with the children and their families. Look how engrossed he is while Sofia reads with him in their matching sleep masks!

He can’t wait to visit the rest of the class to spread his love of reading!

Reading at home buddies

Hi Everyone.

Our names are Juicy and Jemima and we live in Classes 5 and 6.

Beginning tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 5th November) we will each be coming home with one of the children from our classes for a one night sleep-over. We will be bringing a story book for you to share with your child and our very own jotter for your child to record details of our evening together. This could be a sentence telling what we have done, a drawing or a photograph.

Please will you make sure you send us back to school the following morning so we can be ready to go home with someone else that evening?

We won’t be coming home with anyone on Friday’s as we go home with Miss Rodgers and Mrs Jackson at weekend’s so we can have a bath!

We can’t wait to meet you all!

See you soon

Juicy and Jemima xx

P.S. It would be wonderful if you could e-mail any photograph’s to School so Miss Rodgers can add them to the Blog.