Class 10 feature finders! 📝

Class 10 have been preparing for their next independent piece of writing by looking at features of a non-chronological report. They were trying identify the variety of conjunctions, fronted adverbials and facts that they could see! Class 10 collaborated superbly well to find these features and were able to feed them back.

Class 10 goes to the library! 📚

Well, it is safe to say that Class 10 loved their trip to the library this morning! We loved the walk and the fresh air to get there. More importantly, we loved exploring the library and reading and looking at lots of different books. Some of us even squeezed into the tightest spots to read a good book. We had lots of fun!

Class 11 Writing! 📝

I have not got enough praise for the writing that Class 11 have produced. This was the start and I know that it will only get better! We completed the first part of our setting description and applied our knowledge of expanded noun phrases. We created lovely descriptions to describe the farm.

Class 11 Narrative Learning! 📚

Today, Class 11 have been exploring different features of narrative writing. We looked at a story about a Flood. We have been looking closely at features like fronted adverbials, conjunctions and what actually makes a great story. This included a setting description at the start to set the scene, a problem that happens in the middle and a resolution (we hope) at the end. What impressed me more though was Class 11s collaboration together. They found so many features and just cracked on with the job.

Class 11 newspaper feature finders! 📰🗞️

This morning, Class 11 worked superbly well together so that they could find and then understand the features of a newspaper report, in preparation for our next set of writing. We looked into headlines, fronted adverbials and how we need to use facts to get the true story out there. We’ll be practising this in the coming days, especially the 5Ws when it comes to writing introductions!