Brilliant Bolivia!

Y6 have been looking at the physical features of South America over the last week and this week we are focusing on one particular country – Bolivia.

Today, the children have enjoyed researching Bolivia and have discovered lots of interesting things such as its many different climates and biomes!

Did you know that both the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes mountains are partially in Bolivia? Also Bolivia is a landlocked country – bordered only by other countries!

Magic Maths

Crew Knowles are working hard in Magic Maths each day to develop their arithmetic fluency. The children have persevered with simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and lots of tricky multiplications! Alexsis also did a great job of supporting the Gold Standard group! Well done guys!

Y6 All Block

Crew Knowles have had some great reading session in All Block this week. They have worked collaboratively building on their retrieval, inference and fluency skills. Well done guys!

The Reading Cafe!

Today in English, we introduced our new text ‘My name is River’. We introduced the front cover piece by piece so that each group could make a prediction on what they thought our class text would be about.

Once we found out what our text was, we read the blurb to discover whether some of our predictions were accurate. We then read Chapter 1 together at the Reading Cafe whilst enjoying juice and biscuits!

Finally, we conducted a silent discussion answering lots of questions to check that we had understood the text. Fantastic work Crew Knowles!

Why not listen to the Author, Emma Read, read the first chapter of her book?

Rainforest Hook Day

Year 6 have had a fantastic day today learning about the different layers of the rainforest! First they started with a knowledge dump to jot down everything they already know before moving on to a (very competitive) Kahoot quiz!

Next, the children conducted their own research, as well as used their previous knowledge, to put together a presentation on the different layers.

The children were able to present their research in any way they wanted! I was really impressed with the quality of presentations which included slides, sugar paper posters, videos and live streams!

I was blown away by everyone’s confidence and presentations but a special shout out goes to Sophia who filmed her voice clips in the style of David Attenborough and we worked together to create the video below!

Well done Year 6! You have been amazing today!

World Braille Day

In Community Crew today, Crew Knowles celebrated World Braille Day by learning all about braille and the need for it. We were in awe at the children on the video that we saw using braille and truly appreciated the challenge and skill of reading braille. To give us a little insight into what it might be like to use braille we wrote and read words using the braille alphabet.

Hook Week Immersion

To kick start our Hook Week activities, Year 6 have watched The Lorax today and have begun to add to the classroom environment by creating some colourful parrots!

It was so lovely to see the whole of Crew Knowles back today and we have had a great first day back!