KS2 Disco!

Our KS2 children have all enjoyed their disco this evening … sweets, treats and plenty of dancing!! A big thank you to the Friends of GreenTop for organising this fab event for our children 🙂

Year 4 Sugar Rush!

We were lucky enough to have Carolyne from Sugar Rush visit us today to teach us all about where chocolate comes from and how it is made! It was so interesting and the children even got to taste some yummy treats – we can confirm that her brownies are absolutely delicious! Thank you!

Year 4: Mayans and chocolate!

Year 4 have been learning all about the importance of chocolate to the Mayan culture. They looked at how the warriors used chocolate, how the Mayans used it for trade, and how it linked to religion.

Did you know the Mayans thought chocolate was a gift from the gods and was more valuable than gold?

Crew Knowles: SPaG Lesson

We have practised using subordinate conjunctions this week to add further detail to our sentences. We used roll mats to generate subordinate conjunctions that either had to go at the start of our sentences or in the middle.

Y4 PE – Long Jump!

Today our Year 4 enjoyed an athletics PE session practising their long jumps. We used iPads and an app called ‘measure’ to measure the distance of each jump. Great work everyone!

Just a reminder that Y4 PE will now be on a Tuesday afternoon and children will require outdoor kit.