TT Rockstar Club

Check out their concentration!

I’ve been well and truly blown away the last couple of weeks at TT Rockstars by how hard the children are trying.

The focus and dedication they have got to beat their scores, or improve their times is fantastic!

We have certainly got some rock legends in the making here and I have no doubt that they will be whizzing through the multiplication test at the end of Year 4.

Well done everyone, see you next Monday.

P.s you’ve all got 30 HoWL points for working hard and getting smart even after the school day has finished!

Mrs Faulding x

Getting smart with an Equivalent Fractions treasure hunt!

Super proud of Crew Faulding today for their hard work and determination solving our Equivalent Fractions treasure hunt!

They worked great with their partners combining their knowledge to match the fractions to the correct equivalent, supporting each other when needed.

Keep up this up guys, you’ve all earned a whopping 50 ‘get smart’ HoWL points!

Mrs Faulding x

Year 3/4 Crew Assembly

It was great for our crew leaders to share some lovely shout outs about individuals in our crews today. Those people who have really gone that extra mile this week and got recognised and praised for their super attitudes towards their learning, it’s wonderful to hear!

Also, well done to Crew Myers on being the overall HoWL score winner this week. I wonder who it will be next week spinning the wheel for a crew reward?

Finally, a big well done to Crew Myers and Crew Faulding on being the attendance winners this week too! Let’s keep this going guys as we want to keep building our attendance money up!

What makes a great setting description?

Today it was a pleasure to teach English to both my Crew and Crew Faulding. In groups, the children read through a model text of a setting description which was taken from our new Class text. They then identified the features that had been included and spoke about the purpose of each feature.

I was so impressed with all the children’s knowledge as well as their collaborative skills and how kind and helpful they were to each other! I can’t wait to see lots of great writing features in our extended write on Monday!


Here are some more pictures of Year 4 enjoying our day at YWP yesterday. We had such a great time seeing all the animals and learning lots of amazing facts about Polar Bears and how they survive in the wild.

A big well done to you all for your fab behaviour representing the school yesterday.

Becoming Geographers in Year 4

To kick off our Case Study 1- Geography this week, we’ve been learning about different locations and identifying them on a map. We started focussing on places close to home; Thorne, Doncaster, South Yorkshire and England. We then got even smarter learning which countries make up the UK and the capital cities.

Well done guys, I was really impressed by your prior knowledge and your skills when reading a map!

I’d like to award you all with 30 howl points for working hard collaboratively!

Mrs Faulding x

Reading Immersion in Year 4!

After reading the first two chapters outside, we retreated back in to our toasty warm classrooms for a yummy hot chocolate and to write some fantastic predictions about what we believe will happen in our text.

We’d like to make a shout out to all of the children for their excellent listening skills and for sitting so sensibly- you were all super stars! It was a really lovely experience!

Mrs Faulding, Mr Oldridge and Miss Myers x

Music Hook Day!

WOW! What an awesome day we’ve had! I’m so pleased with how engaged and excited all the children have been throughout all the Music themed activities linking to our case study.

We began the day by designing CD’s linking to our learning around climate change to immerse our classroom.

We then researched Music through the ages. Each group focussed on music from a different decade and used the IPads to research and create a mood board!

Then the moment we’d all been waiting for… KARAOKE! We were all blown away by how brave and confident everyone were to get up and sing in front of everyone! What an absolutely brilliant afternoon!

CD Designs- Protect our planet!

Focussing on our guiding question, we’ve designed and created our own CD’s to immerse our classroom’s further. You all had great ideas on which designs would get the important message across! You superstars! Mrs Faulding x