Reception celebrate Diversity!

This week in reception the children have given careful thought to how they are all different and unique. The children celebrated this by talking about their favourite things to do, what is special about them and enjoyed many activities in provision. The children painted pictures using their unique fingerprints and handprints, painted and drew pictures of their families, friends, hearts and rainbows. We read together the Big book of families and Mixed.


Miss R transition day 2

We’ve had another awesome day working in our new classroom. We began and ended the day by sharing our reading books with our parents and carers and showing them our new classroom. We completed work on understanding British Values and how they help us to live safely and fairly in our country and designed characters for our new zones of regulation. Once again I was blown away by how the children have dealt with this huge change and with the work they have completed over the last two days. I really can’t wait to be your teacher. Thanks so much superstars!

Miss R x

New Class 6 Superstars!

The children have had an amazingly busy and fun day exploring their classroom and getting used to all the new and exciting things in the KS1 corridor. We began the day with a story in crew about a caterpillar called Cody who wanted to stay as she was and not become a butterfly because she wasn’t ready. However, when she did eventually change she realised that being a butterfly was wonderful. We completed lots of phonics tasks, did a body mapping activity linked to our new feelings chart, made friendship stones to decorate the entrance to our school and finished the day by exploring our outdoor area. It seems to me that these cute little caterpillars are quite ready for their transformation into Year 1 butterflies!

See you all tomorrow

Miss R x

Reception Community Crew

A huge congratulations to Luther , Xavier and Eli our HOWL point winners last week! The boys have truly been working hard and are such kind members of our crew! I am not surprised they were winners!

Kuba, Charlie and Archie were our Crew Champions this week and well deserved celebrations were had! I am so proud of how far they have come this year! Keep up the great work!

Reception World Ocean Day

The children gave careful thought to looking after our oceans and seas today as they took part in lots of activities learning about caring for our blue plant. The children dressed up in blue and thought about how we need to show compassion to our planet and work collaboratively to not pollute our oceans. This learning linked carefully to our case study 2 learning ‘How can we help save the ocean?’ The children decided a great start is by recycling rubbish when visiting the seaside. This also keeps our sea creatures safe!