Roaring success at YWP! 😆

Class 10 have walked for miles and seemed tried after a bus journey, but loved their day at YWP seeing so many incredible animals. We were very excited to get in and start exploring!

We then went to see the lions, but they didn’t like the early start, so off we went to see the polar bears and the warty pigs!

After that, we went to see some of the giant otters, including the baby have their breakfast, the monkeys and then walk with the wallabies!

We then finished off wandering the tigers, the leopard and the giraffes and then finally finished with a workshop on polar bears!

We even cam face to face with a terrifying polar bear!

A huge well done to Class 10 for how they behaved around YWP and a massive thank you for all of our parent volunteers – we really appreciate you coming! 🙂

Class 10 Hook Week! 🐻‍❄️❄️🥶

For the first couple of days back, Class 10 have been researching their knowledge of polar bears by working collaboratively on building up their knowledge of these incredible creatures.

Class 10 then got their craft on and started making their very own polar bear decorations. These looked really great and will immerse our classroom!

No children were harmed in this polar bear encounter!

On our second day of Hook Week, we have continued to be creative and make decorations that we can then use for our room. We’ve made some really lovely polar bear hand prints.

Roman soldiers! 🗡️🏛️

Today, Class 10 have been learning about the life of a Roman soldier. We even learned the Latin names of items like a sword, helmet and shield amongst others. We learned that there was some positives of being a Roman soldier such as you are well fed and get equipment provided. However, there were negatives as well with the main one being that you could be killed!

Roman Workshop visit! 🏛️

Well, it is fair to say that Class 10 loved their Roman workshop visitor. They loved hearing lots of new facts about the Romans from Clare and taking part in lots of exciting opportunities. This ranged from learning to march like the Romans would have (using Latin commands) to acting out Roman plays.

Here, Class 10 were preparing for battle by marching and getting into the Testudo (tortoise shell) formation:

We then started to learn some more Latin and translated one of our ‘Slaves’ shopping lists:

Next, we learned about Roman physics and built our own arches and aqueducts. We especially loved this!

Finally, we finished off by writing on Roman wax boards, playing the Roman game of knuckle bones and with a little bit of drama to end the day:

Class 10 would like to thank Clare for their great day! 😆

Class 10 last day of Hook Week!

Well, what a great end to a great week Class 10 of had. We Have made our own Roman soldier dolly pegs and they look great. I’m really proud of the creative designs.

We also tested our shields and weapons out. We tested the defences in true Roman formation and I am happy to say that they worked!

I am really impressed with our Crew norms after just 2 weeks and can’t wait for us to continue to improve. Thanks for an enjoyable week and have a fantastic weekend, Class 10! 🙂

Class 10 Family Learning! 🏛️

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to adults for coming out in this heat and getting stuck right into the Roman sword making. I am sure the children really appreciate it as well.

We had a lot of fun making the weaponry and we will put it to good use in our battle tomorrow!

Class 10s day!

To say that this was Class 10s first attempt at reading block, they smashed it out of the park. We had some super discussions about our class text, whilst also trying to make predictions about the book based on illustrations, the title and also the blurb. We also discussed what fiction and non-fiction was.

We also learned about how the Romans used mosaics as part of their artwork, so we thought… why don’t we do the same? Although there were many bits and our hands were full of glue, we still enjoyed creating our very own mosaics!

Finally, we ended the day with our own Roman sports day. We had chariot racing, Roman hurdles, marching practise and we even had a shot put event. Despite the heat (it really did feel like and Italian summer) we loved it!

Hook Week – Day 1! 🏛️

What a great start to Hook Week by Class 10. We wondered who the Romans were, where they came from and what they did for us? So what better way to learn about the Romans than research about them. We did this collaboratively and were able to create some really factual anchor charts that we will be able to use!

I cannot fault Class 10s start to the week – it really was super!

Class 10s first day in Year 3! 😆

What a fantastic first day back Class 10 have had. I am absolutely blown away by their attitude, hard work and kindness. Have you really had 5 weeks off?

We started today by having XP Outdoors with Mr Kershaw and Class 9. We had to build dens after there was a devastating storm that had sunk our ship. As a Crew, we had to make sure we worked together to collect materials and build dens that we could survive it!

After this, Class 10 were introduced to their first week back, mini-guiding question. We are looking into ‘what does Crew mean to me?’ Using think, pair, share, Class 10 were able to have some interesting discussions about how Crew helps them and others. There were so many fantastic ideas that were discussed! We found out that we would be spreading the message of kindness by painting kind messages onto rocks.

After lunch, we then continued our day by looking for rocks on the school field that could be used for our positivity rocks. We found loads and hope that we can inspire the wider community to complete their own, once ours are completed!