BEAUTIFUL phonics in Nursery

This week we have been working really hard in phonics revisiting and revising the letter sounds ‘a’ and ‘t’. The children have come on leaps and bounds with their letter formation and I needed to share their awesome progress with you… Some children have even started putting the sounds together to write VC and CVC words such as ‘at’, ‘cat’, ‘pat’, ‘sat’. Wonderful and beautiful work Nursery – I’m so proud of you!

Planting and writing in Nursery

The children have been really busy this afternoon planting beetroot and tomato plants. We talked about what a plant needs to help them grow (water, nutrients from the soil and sunshine). We talked about how we need to be gentle with the plant so we don’t damage it. The children then carefully watered the plants. Niamh and Yanis then wrote labels for the planters saying ‘beetroot’ and ‘tomatoes’.

What beautiful work Nursery Crew! I can’t wait to make a nursery summer salad with our own ingredients!

Nursery Sports Day 2024 Wednesday 5th June

Our Nursery sports day will take place on Wednesday the 5th June. This is the first Wednesday back following the half term break. This will be in the morning 9-10 am. The children will take part in some races followed by some activities they can enjoy with parents and carers.

All children regardless of their usual session are invited to attend. Please arrive with your child no later than 8.45am. We will register the children and you will be able to find a seat on the school field via the Nursery entrance where refreshments will be available to purchase. Children can wear any comfy clothing or sports wear such as shorts, t-shirt and trainers for the day. Please can children also be provided with a named sunhat and named water bottle.

Any questions – Please ask Mrs Hay or Mrs Burton.

We look forward to you joining us!

Book and a Biscuit

We would love to invite F2 grown ups to come and join us for a book and a biscuit in Reception on Wednesday 22nd May from 2-3pm.

Please come to the Ash Tree Road entrance to school to begin at 2pm. We can’t wait to share our stories while enjoying a delicious treat.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Reception Team

Nursery – Suncream

As the weather is finally getting warmer, we kindly ask you to apply suncream to your child before they come to Nursery.

We ask for or you to provide your child with a NAMED bottle of suncream, hat and water bottle to ensure sun safety for our children. Please ensure bottles are only filled with water.

You will be asked to sign next to your child’s name when you bring in the suncream to Nursery which gives nursery staff permission to apply your child’s suncream to your child should they need help to do this. Please give the suncream to a member of staff and not place it in your child’s bag (we have had a few explosions in the past!).

Your child’s suncream can then remain in Nursery and returned to you at the end of the summer term.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hay & Mrs Burton

Reusing to save our seas in Nursery

Today we have been talking about how we can save our seas by reusing recyclables. The children worked really hard this morning to create musical instruments using only previously used materials. We have drums, guitars, shakers, tambourines and scrapers galore! Beautiful work Nursery Crew!