Dear Parents/ Carers,

We currently have very small numbers attending the trip to Cleethorpes on Tuesday 7th June. If you would like attend the trip with your child please pay the £20 on parent pay today.
We need to confirm numbers with the coach company ASAP. If you need to speak to a member regarding this, we’re always here to chat.


The Nursery Team

Mental Health Awareness Month – Loneliness

Today we held mental health awareness circles and chatted about what it means to feel lonely and what we can do about it to help our friends feeling that way. Here are some of the children’s responses…

”be kind” – Henry

“Share our toys” – Archie

”tell a teacher” – Hudson & Olivia

”tell your adults if you feel sad or lonely” – Nyah

”Ask someone to play with you or ask your teacher to find you a friend” – Lexi

”Tell someone if you feel lonely” – Hollie

”We can play with everyone to stop our friends feeling lonely.” – Albie

“Tell my Mummy” – Brodie

”Ask someone to play with me” – George