Edinburgh Zoo watch live!







Above are three links to different animals at Edinburgh Zoo where you can watch them live throughout the day via a webcam. This is a great opportunity to see these animals at different parts of the day and what they get up to.

Activity Ideas:

1. Draw a picture of your favourite animal that you’ve been watching.

2. Write a description about your favourite animal.

3. Fact File/A day in the life of a… your favourite animal.

Have fun guys and email in any activities that you complete 🌟





Year 3 and 4 Christmas Production Costumes

Hello! Please can – unless your child brings home a specific part which may be different – all year 3 and 4 children have an old fashioned villager costume, preferably in an Austrian style of possible.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Year 3 and 4 🙂

Super Sketcher

Sophie created this beautiful wave line drawing in GBlock last week linking to her theme work on the Titanic. Sophie used  different pencils and varied her pencil pressure to show a range of tones. Well done Sophie!

Mrs Hay

Sensory Snowball Fight

To get us ini the Christmas spirit, Sensory Circuit started with a snowball fight today. The blurry photos show how fast everyone was moving, and we all ended up hot and sweaty after all the fun had finished.

To prepare ouselves for Christmas, our mindfulness meditation was called ‘The Gift of You’ and reminded us that not all presents can be bought, and that being around for other people can be the greatest gift of all.


Christmas Choir :)

A heart warming trip to some of our local residential homes this week (Adeline house and Bennfield House). The choir did a fantastic job spreading festive cheer and judging by the smiling faces they helped make some peoples Christmas a very special one. The residents loved chatting to the children about Christmas and loved joining in with singing and dancing too:)


Well done 🙂 you did us proud again!



A big well done from me to the choir and all the effort they put in rehearsing for the Christmas light switch on. A lovely little video here (thank you Miss Knowles) and thank you to all of the support from parents, friends and family. Feeling very festive now!




Awesome home learning…

Sophie and Courtney have been so busy at home this week! Sophie made an incredible tank and Courtney has spent two evenings this week practising writing sentences which include fronted adverbials. A huge well done girls! Mrs Ogle and I are very proud of you!

Mrs Hay 🙂



Thorne Remembers

The Year 3 and Year 4 children have been busy this half term creating some beautiful poppy canvases for the ‘Thorne Remembers’ gallery at St Nicolas’ Church that will be on display from 9th – 11th November. Why not pop down and take a look!

Acrylic Poppies


I am incredibly proud of all of the Year 4 children today. They worked collaboratively to create a canvas per class filled with individual poppies in remembrance of those who died in the war. The children used acrylic inks to create their masterpieces.

Well done to you all! I’m blown away by the high standard of art work you have created.

The paintings will be displayed in the St Nicolas Parish Church for the week running up to Remembrance Sunday before returning to school to be displayed somewhere for all to see!

Mrs Hay 🙂

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