Jam Jars Needed – Can you help?

We are starting to collect all the resources we need for the year 3/4 product and are running short on jam jars for all the children to have 2 each for their product.

If you have jam or anything in a small glass jar, we would be very grateful if you could bring this to school for us to use when you have finished.

Thank you to those who have already helped the cause and brought some in for us!

Year 3 -Crew Tortora Record Breakers

Today in G Block Crew Tortora were lucky enough to take part in becoming World Record Breakers by joining forces with National Numeracy Charity and Times Tables Rock Stars to beat the record for a live stream number roll. The children joined in with Katya from Strictly Come Dancing and Baz from TT Rock Stars. The children danced along with Katya and the event encouraged children to feel positive and confident about maths. The challenge was adjudicated by an official from the Guinness World Records and a new record was set. Well done everyone.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Visit

The below will hopefully answer any questions which parents/carers may have about the visit which were not outlined on the letter that was recently sent out.

  • We would like children to wear school uniform as this will make it easier to supervise and group children. It is also practical for the cold weather and walking around the park (We do advise comfy footwear – trainers are fine).
  • We will be visiting the gift shop. The maximum children are allowed to bring is £10. Children do not have to bring spending money though – it is optional.
  • All children will need a thick winter coat (hat, scarf and gloves) as we will be walking around the park either side of the workshops.

Thank you,

Mr Oldridge

Edinburgh Zoo watch live!







Above are three links to different animals at Edinburgh Zoo where you can watch them live throughout the day via a webcam. This is a great opportunity to see these animals at different parts of the day and what they get up to.

Activity Ideas:

1. Draw a picture of your favourite animal that you’ve been watching.

2. Write a description about your favourite animal.

3. Fact File/A day in the life of a… your favourite animal.

Have fun guys and email in any activities that you complete 🌟





Year 3 and 4 Christmas Production Costumes

Hello! Please can – unless your child brings home a specific part which may be different – all year 3 and 4 children have an old fashioned villager costume, preferably in an Austrian style of possible.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Year 3 and 4 🙂

Super Sketcher

Sophie created this beautiful wave line drawing in GBlock last week linking to her theme work on the Titanic. Sophie used  different pencils and varied her pencil pressure to show a range of tones. Well done Sophie!

Mrs Hay