Year 2 partitioning

The children have been grappling with partitioning over the last few lessons. They have been using part, part whole models to make 2 digit numbers in different ways. I am really impressed with their Stickability Stan attitudes. Well done class 8

Mrs Shaw x

Balancing and shape work in PE

Crew Shaw thoroughly enjoyed their first PE lesson today.
They made wide shapes on their feet…

and wide shapes on the floor…

They then made themselves into the smallest shape possible before making different shapes with a partner.

Their next task was to balance on different parts of their bodies, before finishing the lesson with a class circle, where everyone held hands and balanced on one leg.

Well done Crew Shaw, you were amazing today! Xx

KS1 on the March!

Wow! What a fantastic start to our KS1 expedition … What will I do to be a superhero in my community? All of the children looked amazing in their hero dress-up and we ended the day with a protest to parents against litter on our school grounds. Remember – Pick up litter! Use the bins!
Well done everyone.

Litter hunt

following on from our discussions yesterday in class 8, the children went on a litter hunt around school to see how much rubbish they could find on our playgrounds. They created a tally chart of the type of rubbish that they found. Paper and food wrappers were the most common types of litter.
we then sent an email to Miss Salter to persuade her to get us some litter picking equipment. I was so impressed with their passion today!
super work guys

Mrs Shaw x

Don’t litter, it makes the world bitter

Litter bugs post


One of the main issues that kept creeping into our discussions today involved the amount of rubbish around school and in community areas in Thorne. It was great to hear the children’s views on this and the fact that they want to do something about it. Super job today class 8

Mrs Shaw x