Number day

The children in class 8 have had a lovely morning in their different number clothes and making their own number games. Well done everyone!

KS1 Story Club

Another fantastic story club this week. We enjoyed reading about Winnie the Witch celebrating the Chinese New Year and we found out about the different animals which represent each year in the Chinese tradition. Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated on 10th February this year and it will the year of the dragon! We also enjoyed making ourselves some Chinese lanterns just like we saw in our story. Well done boys and girls!

Year 2 spelling words

These are the spellings that we have been learning and practising this week. Please spend some time with your children reading and looking at these at home also. It really does make a huge difference when they are writing. Thank you for supporting school and your child with their learning.

Mrs Shaw, Miss Hilton and Mrs Dutton

Year 2 family learning

***Save the date***

Wednesday 7th February 2-3pm

We would love it if any parents and carers could come and join us for our art workshop on Wednesday. We will be starting our 2nd case study, which is about life in the sea and this will be a great way to hook the children into their learning. We are hoping that you will support your children with their art work but also have a go yourselves. We will be keeping your artwork to display in our art gallery at our Presentation of learning.

Please come to the office to sign in just before 2pm on Wednesday 7th February.

Thank you

Mrs Shaw, Mrs Dutton and Miss Hilton

KS1 Community Crew Meeting – 1/2/2024

On Thursday, KS1 came together again to celebrate all things learning and HoWLs! Another fantastic week with lots of certificates and shout outs for those children achieving great things in all areas of learning and development. A big thank you to the parents and carers who could join us for the crew champion award and a big well done to Crew Hilton / Dutton on their hat trick … an impressive 3 weeks at the top of the attendance leaderboard – who will it be next week?

KS1 Community Crew Meeting

On Thursday, KS1 gathered once again with students, teachers and parents/carers for our weekly Community Crew meeting. We shared our recent learning, celebrated shout outs and praises, and gave special recognition for our Crew Champions … as well as enjoy singing our crew songs! A huge well done to everybody for a fantastic learning week in KS1, and especially to all those who received special mentions and certificates – keep on being fantastic!

Crew Hilton / Dutton were, for the second week running, crowned 1st place in attendance. Can they make it a hat-trick and keep Paddington the Bear for a 3rd consecutive week? Only time (and the class registers!) will tell …

KS1 Story Club

Another Thursday and another fantastic story to explore! This week we have read Tadpole’s Promise, which tells of the unlikely romance and unfortunate demise of a tadpole and caterpillar.

The children have enjoyed thinking of their own unlikely animal pairing, making use of their new learning about animals from different countries and their habitats. What fabulous drawings to illustrate your own romantic tales, KS1 – well done!

Year 1 and 2 XP Outdoors request

If anyone has any materials that could be used to make a bug hotel, please could you bring them into school by next Tuesday (for Year 1) or Wednesday (for year 2). The children will be creating their own bug hotels, which links to our expedition learning. I have put some photographs below for ideas of materials that we could use.

We would appreciate any cardboard tubes, small pieces of wood, lollipop sticks, leaves, foliage, paper straws or any natural materials such as acorns or pine cones.

Thank you so much in advance

Key stage 1 team x x x

class 8 setting descriptions

The children have been using fantastic vocabulary to create setting descriptions for their new reading text ‘The Tin Forest’.

Their independent writing blew me away! They used adjectives to create expanded noun phrases and are beginning to read and edit their own work…Great work guys! Well done!

Mrs Shaw x