KS1 Story Club

Another Thursday and another fantastic story to explore! This week we have read Tadpole’s Promise, which tells of the unlikely romance and unfortunate demise of a tadpole and caterpillar.

The children have enjoyed thinking of their own unlikely animal pairing, making use of their new learning about animals from different countries and their habitats. What fabulous drawings to illustrate your own romantic tales, KS1 – well done!

Year 1 and 2 XP Outdoors request

If anyone has any materials that could be used to make a bug hotel, please could you bring them into school by next Tuesday (for Year 1) or Wednesday (for year 2). The children will be creating their own bug hotels, which links to our expedition learning. I have put some photographs below for ideas of materials that we could use.

We would appreciate any cardboard tubes, small pieces of wood, lollipop sticks, leaves, foliage, paper straws or any natural materials such as acorns or pine cones.

Thank you so much in advance

Key stage 1 team x x x

KS1 Story Club

In story club today, we have enjoyed reading the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers which tells the tale of an unexpected friendship between a boy and a penguin from the South Pole.

As KS1 are learning about different animals from different places in the world, this was the perfect starting point for us to imagine and draw ourselves with our own animal friend. Children followed the style of Oliver Jeffers and drew themselves with an animal of their choice from one of the places we have studied so far.

Well done boys and girls – a great start to our new after-school club!

KS1 Hook Week Celebration

On Friday KS1 came together to share their learning so far with each other. Each class did a short presentation to give an insight into the country they will be learning about this term. We even managed to surprise Mrs Overson who came along to share the children’s learning so far.

It was so lovely to see how excited each class was about their country and to see all the lovely crafts they have been making to immerse their classrooms. The KS1 corridor looks AMAZING!

KS1’s expedition this term is called ‘The Blue Planet – How will what I do today impact the world tomorrow?’ We are so excited about this expedition and we have lots of fun surprises planned along the way!

Well Done KS1, what an awesome ‘Hook Week’ you have had. We are so excited about this exciting expedition and we have lots of fun surprises planned along the way!

Class 5 Hook Week

Class 5 had an awesome first week back at school last week hooking into our new expedition. Our new Expedition is ‘The Blue Planet: How will what a do today impact the world tomorrow?’ Each class is focussing their learning on a different part of the world. Class 5 are learning all about Australia! We had so much fun learning about the continents and where Australia is located on the world map. We learned what it is like in Australia and how this differed from our life in the UK. The children had lots of fun watching videos all about the landscape, wildlife and how people live in Australia.

We also had lots of fun making different crafts to immerse our classroom and make it feel like we were visiting the Land Down Under! We learned about the Aborigines and made our own boomerangs and Aboriginal dot art. We also made paper plate koalas, Australian flags and collages of Earth and its continents. Our classroom is looking AMAZING!

Here are some photos of our week:

Year 1 PE and XP Outdoors

This Term children in Year 1 will be doing PE on Mondays. This is due to it being our turn for Mini Kixx Football skills! The children will be doing their PE session’s outdoors on the 3G pitch with their class teacher and a coach from the Mini Kixx team. Please can all children bring an outdoor PE kit suitable for the days weather. A warm tracksuit or joggers and a hoodie/jumper would be ideal. Children will also need a pair of trainers (no football boots with studs please for safety reasons).

On Tuesday’s children will also be doing XP Outdoors with Mr Kershaw. Again children will need clothing suitable for the weather and a change of shoes as they are likely to get muddy in the outdoor area and will need to remove their muddy shoes once indoors. Wellies or boots would be ideal and a a carrier bag to put muddy shoes into. If the weather is cold then hat/scarf/gloves may be needed too. Please ensure your children are prepared for the days weather conditions.

Key stage 1 nativity updates

Please can all of the children make sure that their costumes are in school with their teachers by Monday morning ready for our dress rehearsal…thanks so much for those that we have received already! If there are any problems, please do speak to someone in school.

Also, speaking parts have been sent out again as some children really need to practise them over the weekend. Thanks so much for supporting us with this!

If anyone is wanting any extra tickets, please speak to a member of staff on the door as there are lots of tickets still available and we would love to have a great audience to show off the children’s hard work to!

Thanks so much for your support

Mrs Shaw and the key stage 1 team! x x

Key stage 1’s fantastic panto…oh yes it was!!!

We had such an incredible time at Cast this afternoon watching the pantomime ‘Beauty and the beast’. The children enjoyed the sweetie treats, danced, sang and joined in with booing, cheering and clapping! Thank you so much to our parents and carers for being patient with our return…we appreciate it as always! We hope that they have told you all about it this evening and will be a memory for them for years to come.

Key stage 1 crew x x x