Friends of Green Top are hosting another disco

Thursday 13th February

3pm-3.45pm KS1/EYFS

4pm-5pm KS2

50p to enter (please hand your money to class teachers or pay on the door)

snack and drink £1 (typically hot dog or pizza slice)

sweets and crisps priced at 10p, 20p, 50p and £1

If you’re available to help at the disco please let a member of the ‘Friends of Green Top’ group know.

In English this week, we’ve been making lots of predictions and having lots of discussions about our new class text, The three little wolves and the big bad pig!

The children have been making great links between our new text and the story of The three little pigs and how they think the stories are going to be similar.

I cant wait to see if some of your predictions are correct! 🌟

Mrs Faulding

Expedition Learning 🗺


To finish our ‘Geography Case Study’ we have been busy locating familiar places in and around Thorne and placing them on our own maps.

The children were great at spotting lots of different places and could explain what certain things represented on the map such as grass areas and the canal.

As well as looking at places on a map, the children have investigated different places on an aerial photograph of Thorne and can explain the difference between an aerial photo and a map.

Well done everyone on your hard work. So many Connecting Connie’s! Also, super proud to see you all using your rulers correctly 😍

Keep it up superstars! 🌟

Reading with Frankie

Hi Everyone!

Here I am at Frankie’s enjoying my new Book of the Month, The Fantastic Forest.

Loving the slippers Frankie!

Did you know research has shown that kids who are read one book a day will hear about 290,000 more words by age 5 than those who don’t regularly read books with a parent or caregiver?

See you soon

Juicy xx