Pyjamarama Day reminder

This is a reminder that on Friday we will be taking part in the Book Trust’s Pyjamarama Day and children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas, dressing gowns or onesies!  As we missed out on dressing up for World Book Day, you may prefer to come to school dressed up as your favourite book character instead!

All we ask is that you bring a donation of £1 to go towards the Book Trust Charity.

We can’t wait to see what everyone decides to wear!

This event will be the launch of Green Top Reading Week, which will take place next week, when there will be lots of fun reading challenges set for you to take part in.

Watch out for Friday’s blog as a Family challenge will be set over the weekend!

Inspired by photography!

This afternoon whilst working on our photography skills we were interrupted at times by the rain!  We were desperate for a rainbow to fill the sky but sadly we were out of look!  However, did you all see the beautiful rainbow this evening?  As I looked through the window, I wondered if you had seen it then I received this from Aiden!!!

Well done for capturing this Aiden – I would say this is the best type of homework, work that you complete because you are inspired to do so yourself!

A massive shout out to you – 20 work hard and 20 get smart points for you!

A picture paints a thousand words!

I was very impressed with the photography that took place in Years 5 and 6 during our hook week after Easter.  Today we started case study 2 – art / photography, and the work that the Year 6 children have produced hasn’t disappointed!

We began by recapping the different angles and techniques that can be used when taking the perfect photograph.  We then completed a silent discussion to critique emotive images that were taken during the pandemic to capture emotions that people were experiencing.

The children then spent time recreating some of the images focusing on the angles, the mood and the effects of the photograph.

I can’t wait to see their work progress over the next few weeks and what they capture to be published in our Year 5/6 book.  Well done all!

I have been blown away by the writing the children in Crew Overson have been working on with Mrs Gutteridge over the past three weeks.  I can not wait to read the final drafts and even see some of them published in our Year 5/6 book!

All of the children worked so hard to edit and improve their work today and also spent time giving each other kind, helpful and specific feedback and critique to support with the improvement process!

I was proud of you all today!


Today, we have been super busy finishing our non-chronological reports and editing and improving them. It was lovely to see lots of great discussion about writing features when completing peer critiques. This really helped when starting our final drafts this afternoon.

Well done everyone, there’s been lots of writing today and everyone has been Stickability Stan’s and completed some fab non-chronological reports 💫

The Big Debate!

Last week, the Year 5 and 6 children took part in a phase-wide debate around whether or not a national lockdown was the right thing to do, with Year 5 students taking one side and the Year 6 students taking the other.

The debate went on for 45 minutes before time unfortunately ran out, with students on both sides still eager to put their point of view across. There were some brilliant points argued on both sides with students showing fantastic confidence to be able to stand up and speak across the hall. All of the staff members who attended the debate were blown away by the quality and thought put into each of the points. Not only that, we were all really impressed by the way in which students sat and listened to all of the arguments without shouting out and interrupting one another. A massive well done to all involved!

Maths week – thank you!

Thank you to children, parents and staff for embracing maths week and taking part!  The homemade  costumes the children attended school in today were just awesome!  Again, thank you for taking part and giving time to create them!  We will let you know next week how much we raised for NSPCC, we will continue to collect any donations until Wednesday.


Please see the class blogs with photographs of the brilliant costumes!



Maths Day PE!

This afternoon year 2 enjoyed a maths linked PE lesson. The children had to total their scores from the beanbag game, climb along the trim trail in the fewest steps (or stretches!) and get the most children and most jumps on the large skipping rope.

Class 9 took part with such enthusiasm and we had great fun. It was made even better as we were the winning crew for the trim trail challenge!