Supporting our Doncaster Families

‘above all compassion’

Thank you to all the children, parents and staff who have donated towards our Donation Plea for Doncaster Families in need. We are really grateful for your support – these will be delivered to the local authority tomorrow.

We are collecting donations of any food items for the welfare centre who have supported our vulnerable families and those in need throughout every week since March. If you’d like to donate to our ‘reverse advent calendar’ and make a donation please leave your items in the yellow boxes on the playgrounds each morning.

#BeKind #crewGreentop

Kindness Advent

Here is our first school Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar which has been created by the School Council. 

There are 31 days of kindness ideas for you to complete.  Some are school based and the others are things you can do at home or in and around your community. 

You can do each one on the set day or you can pick and choose which to do when, and if you miss some you can maybe do more than one on a certain day!  That part is up to you. 

All we ask is you share how you have been kind, by talking to us, writing us a letter or by sharing photos or videos!

Let’s all get kind for Christmas!!!




Poppy Appeal

The Thorne & District Branch would like to express our thanks for supporting the 2020 Poppy Appeal.
The amount of donations received was £239.26.
Thank you!!

The Big Climate Fightback!

Crew Knowles have joined in the ‘Big Climate Fightback’ by sending an email to the government to help demand action! We need millions of trees to fight climate change and after learning about deforestation, this is a subject close to our heart!

Why don’t you join the action and add your voice to the campaign too?

Follow the link to get involved:


Conversation starter week ending 27.11.2020

Do you ever ask your child what they’ve been learning this week only to get told ‘nothing’ or ‘I can’t remember’.

To try and help with this, each year group will share a specific question each week about that weeks learning to try and help get the conversation going. 

Let us know if it’s useful and helps children talk about their learning. 




Doncaster Council will be providing a food hamper for Christmas for children entitled to a free school meal. Vouchers are not being provided. This will contain enough food for a lunchtime meal for the two weeks of the holiday. The hampers will weigh 11.3kg. The hampers will be delivered to school prior to the end of term and parents will be required to collect them on set dates/times. Please note that there is one hamper per child. It will be your responsibility to check the contents regarding any dietary requirements your child may have. If you prefer not to receive a hamper please let us know so that we can avoid unnecessary food waste. We will require you to notify us by 2nd December. If you feel that you need any further assistance, you may be eligible for support via the Local Assistance Scheme

Reading ❤️

Crew Jackson were reading a letter that I sent them today, telling them all about myself and my family. They read it with a partner and used highlighters to find the exciting vocabulary so that they can mgpie it for their own letter to me next week. I can’t wait to read them all




Mrs Shaw x

Thank you Mr Kershaw! 🧭

A big shoutout and thank you to Mr Kershaw for taking the time to come and teach Year 5 lots of map reading skills during G Block today. Everyone enjoyed working together and taking part in fun activities. I was also so impressed listening to everyone’s new knowledge of using compasses! We can’t wait to put our new map reading skills into practice!



Poppy winners

Hi all apologies for the delay in this announcement I was absent last week and not managed to share with school council.

However, the winners have been decided and again it was very difficult to choose but here they are.

For EYFS we have Thea







Josephine for ks1.






Eve for LKS2






Lilly-Grace UKS2