Mrs Wallace has told me all about your fantastic work today Jacob and Emilea. I can’t wait to get home so ‘i can have a proper look through it all.

You have been real Stick-ability Stans today.

Keep it up!

We notice. . . The effort that all the children are putting into their transition tasks.
We praise. . . the innovative ways in which children are explaining who is in their family
We wonder . . . Would anybody else like to join in on hangouts in the morning-the more the merrier!!!

Mega Travel Pass

Get ready for September. Apply now for a MegaTravel Pass.
Cheaper travel is available for all under 16s living in South Yorkshire with a MegaTravel Pass. MegaTravellers can travel in South Yorkshire for a single fare of 80p per journey on buses or trams. They can also buy discounted 1, 7 or 28 day tickets, which are loaded onto the pass, which might be cheaper if they travel regularly. Under 16s travelling without a valid pass may be charged full fare, so even if your pupils are not travelling on public transport right now, we’re encouraging early application so they’re ready to go in September. The pass proves a child is eligible to travel for the concessionary fare on public transport in South Yorkshire.
Instructions on how to apply for a MegaTravel Pass are available at

We are so proud of Blake:

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This is the page that I’ve set up

I was blown away by your wonderful passage presentations guys!

I’m positive with those reflective attitudes you will smash year 2!

Just brilliant!

Today’s critique…

I notice how well you remember the methods for your maths work

I praise your wonderfully reflective passage presentations

I wonder if you are as excited by our transition activities as we are

Have a great weekend.

Information for Y6 students

Local Authority Transition Update:

We have been given this additional information to support you with the transition classrooms:

  • You should have received your Doncaster Transition booklet in the post with a letter giving guidance on how to access the transition classroom.
  • The letter you received informs you that a gmail account will be needed to access the classroom.  Please be aware that the email needed to log in needs to end with this is why the children can’t use their Green Top email account.
  • The transition Google classrooms will be available into the autumn term and into the new school year so if you haven’t accessed it much this week, please do not worry.
  • Streaming the videos to almost 4000 students has meant that on occasions there is a message saying that they can’t be played. Our solution to this is to share the videos directly with you, these can then be downloaded and played by you at home or at school. 


We are sharing the following links:

4 mindfulness videos 

6 workbook videos 

6 group work sessions 

BSL workbook video


If you haven’t received the Doncaster Transition booklet, please contact school ASAP so we can arrange for one to be sent to you.


For additional information and support email the transition team: