Thorne Dream Workshop

We have been made aware of an opportunity for the residents of Thorne hosted by Well Doncaser. Please see the message below:

‘Please see poster attached for Thorne Dream workshop. We have been out and about in Thorne Community for two weeks doing the discovery stage of the Appreciative Inquires. We are now going into the next stage which is the Dream workshops, this is where we will encourage all community residents to come along and take part in dreaming the best way to shape their community.  

The workshop date and time is 27th June, 5pm-6pm.’

Crew Knowles: Osmosis

In Science last week, we became true scientists by conducting an experiment that better helped us to understand the process of osmosis. We were all really interested in the results of the experiment and it really helped us to visualise the process happening inside of our bodies!

Y5/6 Super Stars!

We had another lovely community crew meeting this week celebrating all of our successes! A huge shout out to our attendance winners our and Accelerated Reader winners this week – well done!

Another special shout out for our HoWL point winners this week who have worked hard, being kind and got smart with their learning!

Let’s not forget our Out of this World winners who have all received the yellow t-shirt for their exceptional learning this week! Absolute super stars! I wonder who will get it next week!

And finally we have our Star Readers! Here are just two of our well deserving reading stars but rest assured there were many more!

Crew Jackson – Accelerated Reader Reward

Before half term, as a crew we made a pledge that when our average reached 13 we would celebrate with a party/ice-cream treat. Last Wednesday we finally reached 13 after being ‘stuck’ on 11 for a number of weeks. Everyone enjoyed crisps, ice-cream and chill out time. It was so hot on Friday the ice-cream was definitely a welcome treat! We were too hot for party games so will save these for a cooler day!

Harry Potter Raffle Winners!

Well done to the two winners of the Harry Potter hampers: Jenson (Class 5) and Heidi (Class 8)!

Thank you to all those that supported the Year 6 fundraising – it is hugely appreciated by us all and we managed to raise over £250! Thank you!

Y5 – Dieticians

Yesterday in expedition Y5 looked at the major food groups and researched why they are important for a balanced diet and the impact food has on our health. The children worked collaboratively to produce a range of anchor diets about the major food groups. Well done Crew Ambler & Crew Mumby.

Year 3 and 4: Phase meeting 14.6.22

It was great to circle up again this week after a busy couple of weeks for year 3 and 4.

Well done for all of our HoWL point winners this week- you’re setting a brilliant example to everyone in your crew. A shout out to Crew Oldridge for being our HoWL point champs this week, enjoy your extra funky Friday time that you won!

Crew Tortora, well done on being the crew with the highest attendance percentage this week. I think we all need to have a huge push for these last few weeks now to ensure that we are trying our very best to get in to school each day.

Congratulations to our Out of this World winners this week too! It’s been our first week celebrating like this and it was lovely. As your teachers, we love to share wonderful stories about why you deserve that certificate and the yellow T shirt. Keep up all of your hard work!

Finally, a huge shout out to all of Year 4 for trying so incredibly hard in their multiplication tests this week. Not only did they approach their tests on the day with such maturity but they have been getting smart for weeks prior to this test by completing lots of practice tests and doing lots of home learning on TT Rockstars. Well done guys, we’re so proud of you all!

Year 3 and 4 team x