‘Inspiring all Children to Enjoy and Achieve’

Our Values

As staff members and children of the school we challenge ourselves
against these values:
We want our children to feel part of the learning process, ensuring our
curriculum is active, fun and vibrant. We want to learn in an atmosphere
where everyone is listened to, their views appreciated and valued
We challenge all members of the school to do their best at all times,
trying our hardest and consistently setting higher goals. We believe
having the highest of expectations allows our children to direct their
learning and take ownership of their progress
We believe in the importance of working with and as part of a learning
community to ensure we achieve as individuals and collectively. We care
about each other and offer care and guidance to make sure everyone
feels happy and knows who to turn to
We will strive to support all children to achieve. Achieve academically,
socially and emotionally. We believe that every achievement should be
praised, shared and celebrated

Our HoWLs