Across all schools in the Trust we are looking ahead to when we can extend the current provision and welcome more of our students back, in line with the current Government plans. 

This will be bespoke, taking into account the needs of and numbers of students in each of our schools, their families and the wider community.

Our staff are already carrying out work within our schools to make them as safe as we can, looking at every aspect of school life from how we might work in small groups to where we eat lunch. In other words what a day in school will look and feel like in the weeks to come as we extend our provision.

Keeping the risks low, manageable and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of students and staff is our key priority and always will be.

We promise to continue to keep you informed and up to date, but as always if you have any questions please do get in touch with your school. You will find the latest news about plans for your school by reading the letter from Miss Salter below.  

Year 1’s Learning Legends are….

Edward for his fantastic maths work. I was super impressed how hard you worked even though it’s your birthday and…Sofia for your thoughtful comments on the ending of Tadpole’s Promise.

Great job guys!

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the work you have done today Year 1.
I notice that lots of us were shocked by the ending of Tadpole’s Promise
I praise how well you all did with 10 more and 10 less in your maths work
I wonder if the lovely weather will last until the weekend

Happy Swing

Tilly and Theo have been extremely busy at home thinking of all their friends at Green Top. Working together they have made a Happy Swing. Something for you all to enjoy.

I LOVE this idea Tilly and Theo, thank you for thinking about everyone!

I wonder who will find the Happy Swing?


Which countries have hosted the Olympics?

As part of Expedition this week, we have studied the different countries that have hosted the Olympics. I am so impressed with the amount of research and effort put in to present the information.

Massive shout out to Lily, Alan and Oliver for their collaborative slides, I love that you worked together to create this. Here is a link to their slides.

Also shoutouts to Emily, Corey, Thomas and Noah for their research. You are all awesome!

Year 1’s Learning Legends for today are….

….Joseph and Marcus!

Massive well done boys! You have both gone above and beyond today to produce some fantastic work in all areas of your learning. I am super impressed! Real Can doColin attitudes.

Brilliant learning from everyone else today too Year 1.

I notice fabulous presentation of all your work
I praise how many of you persuaded your toys to race in this beautiful weather
I wonder just how spectacular our final product will be based on your fabulous expedition work

See you tomorrow x