Getting in the zone! 💫

Over the last two days, we have focused on mindfulness and meditation as part of looking after our well-being. In Crew, each child have completed their own individual part of a colouring jigsaw that we are going to piece together and display in our classroom to show how togetherness is important and that each crew member is a piece to our own crew jigsaw!

#CrewMyers # CrewAmbler #CrewJeeves


Final product presentations 🧑🏼‍💻

This week, two groups of children presented their final presentations to Year 5/6 pupils from Plover. I was blown away by their confidence and ability to speak publicly about their Expedition learning and answering questions the children from Plover asked about their case studies.

A big well done to you all and thank you to Miss Blackham and the Plover children too for allowing us to present to you – we really appreciate it and are so glad that you enjoyed it!

A super way to end our Expedition and celebrate your awesome learning! x

Expedition Presentations

This week in Class 16 we have been busy presenting our expedition ‘How is evolution important to existence?’ to other schools in the trust. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Dylan, Alex, Brendan, Lily and Angel who presented their expedition work to Y5 children at Carcroft Primary. Mr Gerrard and his crew were blown away by your learning and were very impressed with your presentation skills and very kindly critiqued our product. Here are a few examples they shared:

We notice – That you spoke clearly

We praise – The resilience and determination of everyone who spoke and shared their learning.

We praise – How prepared you were for your presentation and how amazing it looked.

Well done once again for an amazing expedition Class 16!


Move over Einstein!

How awesome was the learning in Crew Rodgers this morning in our Maths lesson? The children loved puzzling out our equations and really got to grips with regrouping. Our carpet looked like Einstein’s workshop! I only hope our lovely cleaning ladies will forgive us.

Moving a mountain with kindness

Today Year 2 have listened to a story called Manjhi moves a mountain.

It is all about a man from India who lives a long way from any health care so he single handedly began digging a tunnel straight through the mountain. This allowed his village much easier access to schooling and health care. It took him 20 years to do and we discussed how he was selfless, kind, determined and resilient.

This led us on to a discussion about the differences between England and India and one of those was the primary religion in each country.

We learnt all about Ganesh, the Hindu God of luck, good fortune and kindness. The story says that he has large ears so that he can listen carefully to what people tell him and a small mouth so that he speaks less and listens more.

Here are some of the examples of how he might have looked…I think they’re fantastic! Well done!

Mrs Shaw x

The Great Green Top Bake Off!!!


A group of Year 6 girls have been challenging themselves in the kitchen.  Every Sunday they join a zoom call, set the challenge and the timer and off they go!  Every Monday Mrs Overson, Mr Taylor and Miss Knowles get to try these delicious treats and give them feedback!  The teachers are blown away by the quality of their baking and are put to shame as they could never bake to this quality!  Check out some of their sweet treats:

Week 1: cake!

Week 2: biscuits!

Week 3: Easter treats!

I’m sure you’ll agree that their creations are amazing and I can definitely tell you that they taste awesome!!!!


This morning in Crew, we shared our memories, thoughts and feelings as it marks a year since the first national lockdown. Everyone shared the special memories they created during lockdown, we also reflected and thought of those that have sadly lost their lives and those that have dedicated themselves to being key workers throughout the pandemic.

We then coloured an image of a flower which we added people we are thankful for and also things that we are grateful for throughout this past year.

What a lovely and thoughtful morning crew!


Mindfulness was the name of the game in Crew Rodgers this morning as we focused on our breathing exercises to be present in the moment. We then took our meditation to the playground to focus on what we could see, hear, smell and feel. What a lovely calm start to the week!

Another crew challenge ✅

Yesterday, Crew Mumby were challenged with placing the pen in the pot by only using their bodies, string and most importantly communication. The activity was a fantastic way to end our extended crew sessions and I feel that we’ve learnt lots about how we can use these skills in our daily lives.

Next week we are going to use crew to discuss and take part in well-being activities and unpick why it’s important to take care of ourselves. The guiding question is ‘What has the pandemic taught us about the importance of crew?’