Look what we found in the quad!

Following the very exciting visitor we had this morning that Luke captured on camera, we discovered she had left us more evidence of her visit.

This led to some very exciting discussion and sentence work as to exactly where she had come from and why she had decided to visit Green Top…one excellent suggestion was that she had noticed how many castles there were in the KS1 corridor classrooms and she was looking for a new place to live!

I wonder if she will be back after her egg has hatched.


Our fantastic caretaker Luke managed to catch this on video very early this morning!


The children have also found a huge dragons egg inside a nest in the quad area.


At playtime they went on a hunt and have found footprints, scorch marks and are still looking for more clues that a dragon has been!


Can you believe it!!!!!


Mrs Shaw x

A walk in the woods!

I received a lovely photo from Noah who went for a walk in Thorne Community Woods to find our Y5/6 product! Noah and his brother are stood proudly next to the board which features his slogan ‘This is our home, please leave it alone!’

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our boards! Can you find all 6 boards in the woods? Send us some pictures if you do!

Home learning at its best

Luna has done an absolutely amazing job of completing her own dragons eye using water colours at home and the detail is so realistic!

I am really proud of you challenging yourself at home Luna and I hope you enjoyed doing it too! What a star!

Mrs Shaw x

SKELLIG – Hook lesson

Today, we introduced ourselves to our new class text – SKELLIG. We used the front cover of the book and film to predict what we thought the story would be about and discussed the similarities and differences using the images. There were lots of great ideas and I was also really impressed with the ideas from everyone working at home, it was awesome to see all your ideas presented on the jamboard slides! I can’t wait to read more of the story tomorrow.

Class 9s immersive classroom


Apologies class 9, I thought I had put pictures on the blog of our classroom last week. We all worked so hard to get the classroom ready for you all returning but sadly some of you haven’t seen it yet.

We have transformed the classroom into a hall inside a medieval castle. It looks great but we will continue to add to it and I will continue to keep you all updated!

Hope you like it

Mrs Shaw x

Fossil artwork

As part of crew Thurkettle’s expedition learning today they have used crayons to create some amazing fossil rubbings. They thoroughly enjoyed this hands on learning experience.

As well as that, they have painted their very own salt dough fossils and they look extremely realistic. Thank you Mrs Hardman for making today such fun, year 4 have learnt so much!

Money, Money, Money!

What an amazing Hook Week we have had in year 2 this week. Despite the new lockdown keeping most of us at home, the children in class and those who joined us online have blown us away with their enthusiasm and hard work.

We are all really looking forward to beginning our first case study in expedition and starting work our new English text next week.

Just a reminder about the challenge I set year 2 during afternoon check out today to get us excited about our new money maths unit which also begins next week.

If you are holding one of every British coin in your hand, how much money would you have?

There are 50 HoWL points up for grabs for everyone who has the correct answer in morning hangout on Monday…Good luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!