Walking through the story

We had a wonderful lesson in english last week where the children were re-hooked into our anchor text ‘The Last Bear’. We set up the hall with lights and made it feel dark and cold to resemble the scenes in the text, they were asked to follow the trail of lights and with torches connect with the pictures and the readings to immerse themselves into the story further, thinking about how the characters feel and what could happen next.

Year 3/4 Crew Assembly

It was great for our crew leaders to share some lovely shout outs about individuals in our crews today. Those people who have really gone that extra mile this week and got recognised and praised for their super attitudes towards their learning, it’s wonderful to hear!

Also, well done to Crew Myers on being the overall HoWL score winner this week. I wonder who it will be next week spinning the wheel for a crew reward?

Finally, a big well done to Crew Myers and Crew Faulding on being the attendance winners this week too! Let’s keep this going guys as we want to keep building our attendance money up!

All block reading

We had our first session of all block for this week and what a great way to start of. All three groups were working incredibly hard and really getting into the text. It is a pleasure to see them enjoy reading and get excited about these activities.

Finding fractions of amounts

Today in maths we have moved on from equivalent fractions and are now working out how to find a fraction of a whole number.

Here they are working wonderfully, using counters to divide these up into equal parts to find the answer.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our visit today at the Yorkshire wildlife was a huge success. The workshop was great and we loved hearing about the polar bears and the impact climate change is having on these amazing animals. I feel the visit was a fantastic hook for our expedition and I am so excited for us to learn more about how we can protect our beautiful planet.

Hook Lesson in English

We had a wonderful first lesson in English, immersing ourselves into our anchor text ‘The Last Bear.’

We read this wrapped in our coats with all the windows open to experience the cold and while we read this sat in the dark the children all sipped hot chocolate like the main character April.

Mindful Colouring Club Year 3/4

Today is the first mindful colouring session and what a gorgeous atmosphere. All the children have been so calm and embraced the mindful side of this club and watching them take time for themselves and enjoy colouring and drawing has been lovely.