Year 3/4 Celebration of Learning

Last night we had our celebration of learning for our last expedition of the year ‘Why is sugar not so sweet?’

The children lead the celebration and showcased the learning they had done throughout the 3 case studies. It was amazing to watch you all so confidently deliver your pieces in front of the audience, it was clear for all to see how much you have learnt and taken from this expedition. To top the sweet the night off there was the opportunity to try the products you have made before taking these home for a donation.

It was an incredibly successful night, thanks to you all. We appreciate all the support you have given us and for the money raised to go towards the charity, city hearts.

Year 3/4 Phase meeting 28.6.22

Shout outs to Crew Tortora again on winning the attendance- you guys are smashing it! Also, well done to Crew Myers on being the HoWL winners too. Enjoy your biscuits!

An overall shout out and well done to everyone for trying their best in their assessments last week. It was a super hot week but you all grappled with each test and showed such determination throughout them all. We are SO proud!!

Year 3/4 team x

Class 9 – Field work time

What a day on Friday, along with class 10 we had the best time on our field trip to the John Bull factory in Bridlington.

It was incredible to see how they made the sweets and the history behind the brand. Watching them mould the rock and then having the opportunity to roll their own was even better. Not forgetting to taste test all the delights they had to offer, the sugar rush was real.

To top the sweet day off, we enjoyed some time at the beach, having a play in the sand before coming home.

Class 9 – Being art observers

Last week class 9 viewed our classroom as an art gallery and looked at the work of Andy Warhol. It was amazing to see how they took in the art and critiqued his work to praise, notice and have I wonders on each piece.

Year 3 and 4: Phase meeting 14.6.22

It was great to circle up again this week after a busy couple of weeks for year 3 and 4.

Well done for all of our HoWL point winners this week- you’re setting a brilliant example to everyone in your crew. A shout out to Crew Oldridge for being our HoWL point champs this week, enjoy your extra funky Friday time that you won!

Crew Tortora, well done on being the crew with the highest attendance percentage this week. I think we all need to have a huge push for these last few weeks now to ensure that we are trying our very best to get in to school each day.

Congratulations to our Out of this World winners this week too! It’s been our first week celebrating like this and it was lovely. As your teachers, we love to share wonderful stories about why you deserve that certificate and the yellow T shirt. Keep up all of your hard work!

Finally, a huge shout out to all of Year 4 for trying so incredibly hard in their multiplication tests this week. Not only did they approach their tests on the day with such maturity but they have been getting smart for weeks prior to this test by completing lots of practice tests and doing lots of home learning on TT Rockstars. Well done guys, we’re so proud of you all!

Year 3 and 4 team x

Year 3 School Trip Reminder

This is a reminder that Year 3 will be going on their trip to Bridlington on Friday 17th June.

Children are allowed to wear suitable non-uniform. It looks like the hot weather is going to continue so please make sure children have t-shirts that cover their shoulders, sun hats and suncream.

They will also need to make sure they bring a drink of water and a packed lunch. Any children who receive free school meals are entitled to a packed lunch from school if required.

The coach will leave at 9:00am so please make sure you arrive on time. If children want to bring a book, notepad or fidget toy for the bus this is fine. However, each child is responsible for whatever they bring with them. No electronic games please.

Children do not need to bring any money. We will provide games and activities for the children while at the beach.

We will be arriving back at school around 4 o’clock.

If you have any questions, places let us know.

Jam Jars Needed – Can you help?

We are starting to collect all the resources we need for the year 3/4 product and are running short on jam jars for all the children to have 2 each for their product.

If you have jam or anything in a small glass jar, we would be very grateful if you could bring this to school for us to use when you have finished.

Thank you to those who have already helped the cause and brought some in for us!