Collaboration, Research and History!

Crew Overson have worked hard this afternoon to research about some of the engineers that influenced the Industrial Revolution and the progression of the railways.  They worked hard to become historians by using their research skills and got smart by collaborating together to gather as much information as possible!

English has four major word classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  Nouns are the most common type of word, followed by verbs. Adjectives are less common and adverbs are even less common.

Many words belong to more than one word class. For example, book can be used as a noun or as a verb; fast can be used as an adjective or an adverb:

It’s an interesting book. (noun)

We ought to book a holiday soon. (verb)

He loves fast cars. (adjective)

Don’t drive so fast! (adverb)

We have also been looking at prepositions and determiners!  I wonder if you can spot nouns whilst on a walk or use adjectives to describe nouns on a car journey?  The word class game can be so much fun!

#Take10toread in Crew Overson

On Friday morning, in Crew Overson, we took part in the the National Literacy Trust take 10 to read challenge. The children really enjoyed listening live to Tom Percival read an extract from his new book then teach them how to show different emotions in their drawings.

We then spent 10 minutes sharing books and then spent sometime reflecting upon the difference in the Harry Potter books and movies.

We are all so proud of Ruby!

At the start of the month Ruby donated her hair having never had it cut before to the princess trust.  Everyone’s so proud of Ruby, so far she has raised £908.46 + £156.25 Gift Aid!  Some  cash donations are still left to register too!

In addition to this, Ruby found out that she was in the top 15% for amount raised on the JustGiving page!  What a hero you are!

Community Crew – Stereotyping

We have been looking at stereotyping in Crew Overson for the past two weeks.  Today we looked at cultural stereotyping, what this means and looked at different scenarios.  We also played a game looking at our differences in Crew Overson, one of the challenges was to find someone with different coloured eyes and someone who had a different number of siblings to themselves.  It was interesting to debrief afterwards and make those connections and celebrate differences too.

Crew Overson Class Councillor

A massive shout out to Jack for being voted as our Crew Councillor!

Jack is a great role model to our Crew and we all agree he will be a great member of the School Council! Well done Jack!

Y5/6 Family Learning Winners!

Thanks to everyone who had a go on our ‘guess the …’ games!

The winners are listed below. Prizes will be delivered to the children tomorrow!


Guess the lion’s birthday – Alexsis

Guess the elephant’s name – Ruby

Guess the weight of the pumpkin – Grace

Guess the amount of sweets – Lola


Well done everyone!

Y5/6 Family Learning Raffle Winners!

Thank you to those who kindly bought raffle tickets to be entered in to the draw! Below are a list of winners!

The prizes will be delivered to the children in school tomorrow. We have full names on the raffle tickets so know which prize belongs to which child.

Prize 1 – Ava

Prize 2 – Lilly

Prize 3 – Harry

Prize 4 – Thomas

Prize 5 – Gaynor

Prize 6 – Crystal

Prize 7 – Harriet

Prize 8 – Jenson

Prize 9 – Claimed

Prize 10 – Kaleb

Prize 11 – Claimed

Prize 12 – Emily-Rai

Prize 13 – Harry

Prize 14 – Martha

Prize 15 – Ellis and Annie

Prize 16 – Claimed

Prize 17 – Sami-JoJo

Prize 18 – Gaynor

Prize 19 – Jack

Prize 20 – Wez

Prize 21 – Claimed

Year 5/6 family learning



Dear parents/carers, 


On Tuesday 12th October 2021 we  will be inviting you to join our family learning celebration. Our current expedition is centred around the history of rail and we would like to  work closely with the local community by supporting Thorne Miniature Railway, who are currently fundraising to keep their service running. 


This will be taking place in Thorne Park where our children will be hosting stalls to raise funds in support of the miniature railway. 


On Friday 1st October we will be taking part in a non-uniform day. To come in non uniform we would appreciate a donation for the tombola that will be one of the stalls at our fundraiser. 


On family learning day we would like to invite you to join us at Thorne park and support your children. On 12/10/21, Year 5 and 6 will be running stalls and have the opportunity to have a ride on the miniature train and learn about how it works. 


To enable this to happen children will need to be collected from Green Top at 2:00pm and meet us in the park by 2:15. This will give you a chance to enjoy the event prior to the rest of school and the local public being invited to join us at 3:00pm. Unfortunately if you are unable to join us children will remain in school until 3pm where they can be collected as usual. 


Please email [email protected] to let us know your intentions. 


Thank you, Team 5/6.