Times Tables Rockstars Day! 🎤🎸

Check out our video from Times Tables Rockstars Day!

National Numeracy Day – 18th May

We are looking forward to celebrating National Numeracy Day on Wednesday 18th May!

Maths is all around us and in the run up to National Numeracy Day, I would love for you to take some photos of you that link to maths! Maybe it will be a picture of you using money to pay for something in the shop, maybe it will be of how many steps you have walked in a day, or maybe it will be of you practising your maths skills!

How creative can you be finding maths around your home and in the community? Please send all of your photographs to [email protected] so that I can make a video to celebrate maths!

Also, check out the official website (link below) because there are lots of fun activities that you can do with your children!


National Numeracy Day | National Numeracy

Times Tables Rock Stars day!!! (International dance day) – Friday 29th April

On Friday the 29th April, we will be having a rock star dress up day in years 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1. Times Tables Rock Stars is an excellent site which helps children practice and improve their times tables. All children in these year groups have a login. To promote it’s use across school, we are encouraging children to dress up as rock stars on the above date. Not only will children have the opportunity to use this site on this day, we will be linking it to International Dance day which falls on the same date. Therefore, in the afternoon, children will also be dancing and crews will be making ‘rock-style’ music videos. Pictures and videos of the day will be blogged by each crew.

Red Nose Day 🔴

Well done to the winners of the ‘Design a Red Nose’ competition! There were some fantastic entries but the school council voted and decided that these would be the winning entries. Well done to all who submitted an entry.

We are also pleased to announce that the school managed to sell £300 worth of red noses in the run up to the event before raising a further £301.58 through donations when wearing something red. Thank you to every one for your generous donations!

Red Nose Day!

A reminder that red noses will continue to be on sale this week up until the day itself. They are priced at £1.50 per red nose and we only have a limited number remaining so make sure that you get yours bought early! School councillors will be bringing them round during morning crew.

Red Nose Day 2022 Red Nose | Sainsbury's

Red Nose Day 🔴

Friday 18th March 2020 is Red Nose Day in the UK. At Green Top we will be raising money for the event by selling red nose’s. Red nose’s will go on sale from tomorrow and school councillors will be bringing them to each class in the mornings, priced at £1.50. On the day, we will also be raising money by wearing something red and bringing in a £1 donation. To go along with this, the school council have also thought of some activities that we will be doing in the afternoon.

Christmas Competition Winners!

Well done to Abbie and Damion for winning our two Christmas competitions! The winning elf name was ‘Cinnamon’ and the total number of candy canes was 52. We managed to raise a fantastic total to go towards our Year 6 leavers fund so thank you for all of your donations.

Christmas Jumper Day: Save the Children 🎄🎅🏻

Last Friday, children were encouraged to wear a Christmas jumper and donate money to fundraise for the ‘Save the Children’ charity. As a school, we managed to raise an incredible £286 which will go towards helping many different families this Christmas. Thank you for the generosity of all who donated money!

Children in Need Competition: Winners!

Well done to our four winners in the Children in Need competition. Your entries were amazing!

Christmas Competition!

Tomorrow, members of the school council will be going around school selling entries for our two Christmas competitions: ‘Guess the name of the elf’ and ‘Guess the number of candy canes.’ Entries cost 50p each and the winner will win either an elf teddy or the box of candy canes.

We will also be selling packets of ‘Reindeer Food’ for 50p each. Please send any money in tomorrow and throughout the week if you are wanting to enter the competition. Winners will be announced on Friday morning. Thank you.