KS1 Artists

We are so proud of the artwork produced by the children in KS1 during this terms expedition. The children put lots of effort into their work. First the children sketched their animal. Then they painted the background and their chosen animal using watercolour paints. Next they edged their painting with water colour pencils and finally they embellished their picture using collage skills. It was lovely to spend quality time with the children teaching them the different skills required to produce their artwork. The children completed each stage in small groups which gave us a lovely opportunity to spend time together chatting away as we spent hours building up our pictures over the past few weeks! The children have demonstrated a lot of pride in their work and so they should! The results are fabulous.

We are so proud of you all and hope your artwork will remind you of all the fabulous memories made during our expedition this term.

Please take a photograph of yourself with your framed artwork and email them to your class teacher! We can’t wait to see where you put them!

Year 1: Miss Schon’s Phonics Group

This week we are learning the sound /ure/ ‘sure cure’. The children are continuing to impress me with their confidence and knowledge of all the things we have been learning. We have set ourselves a group challenge of improving our reading fluency. This week we have been having fun practising our ‘word count per minute’. Our target is to read at least 35 words correctly in one minute on an unknown text. The children have loved this and have said they are feeling more confident to recognise words by sight instead of having to sound them out. I have also noticed that children are spotting when they have not read a word correctly and are going back to try the word again. I am so impressed with you all and it is lovely to see you enjoying reading so much.

I have set the children a challenge to try this at home with their school reading books. Ask an adult to set a one minute timer and record how many words you read correctly before the timer runs out. Can you keep beating your score?

Year 1: Miss Schon’s Phonics Group

This week we are consolidating our learning. The children have done so well when showing me how much hey have learned. They have smashed their sound recognition and lots of improvement with reading red words too! Keep practising your reading books at home now so that you can develop your fluency further. I am super proud of you all!

KS1 Hook Week Celebration

On Friday KS1 came together to share their learning so far with each other. Each class did a short presentation to give an insight into the country they will be learning about this term. We even managed to surprise Mrs Overson who came along to share the children’s learning so far.

It was so lovely to see how excited each class was about their country and to see all the lovely crafts they have been making to immerse their classrooms. The KS1 corridor looks AMAZING!

KS1’s expedition this term is called ‘The Blue Planet – How will what I do today impact the world tomorrow?’ We are so excited about this expedition and we have lots of fun surprises planned along the way!

Well Done KS1, what an awesome ‘Hook Week’ you have had. We are so excited about this exciting expedition and we have lots of fun surprises planned along the way!

Year 1 PE and XP Outdoors

This Term children in Year 1 will be doing PE on Mondays. This is due to it being our turn for Mini Kixx Football skills! The children will be doing their PE session’s outdoors on the 3G pitch with their class teacher and a coach from the Mini Kixx team. Please can all children bring an outdoor PE kit suitable for the days weather. A warm tracksuit or joggers and a hoodie/jumper would be ideal. Children will also need a pair of trainers (no football boots with studs please for safety reasons).

On Tuesday’s children will also be doing XP Outdoors with Mr Kershaw. Again children will need clothing suitable for the weather and a change of shoes as they are likely to get muddy in the outdoor area and will need to remove their muddy shoes once indoors. Wellies or boots would be ideal and a a carrier bag to put muddy shoes into. If the weather is cold then hat/scarf/gloves may be needed too. Please ensure your children are prepared for the days weather conditions.

Year 1 PE

Reminder – Children in Year 1 need to have their PE kit in school on Tuesday’s. We suggest bringing the PE kit on a Monday morning and taking it home on a Friday.

PE kits must meet the school’s uniform policy:

Thank You,

Miss Schon and Miss Rodgers

Get Involved In Celebrating Arts Week

To celebrate arts week, we would like as many people as possible to create some artwork linked to the theme of ‘connecting across generations‘. Get together with your family or friends to create a piece of artwork. It can be anything you want! You could create a family portrait, a landscape of somewhere you like to visit or just your favourite picture.

It would be great to see everyone working together to create one piece of artwork. Send any pictures or your final art work to Miss Barnett or email them to [email protected] by Monday 17th July.

Here are some examples if you need some inspiration!