Phonics Sound Mats

To help you support your child in their phonics learning, here are the Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds. By knowing these sounds, your child will feel more confident in tackling reading the real and pseudo words.

If your child can read words which include these sounds, please write them down in your child’s reading journal so they can be awarded extra house points!

Mrs Hay & Mrs Wallace 🙂

Summer Term Family Learning

Wow! What busy but fantastic afternoon! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to enjoy our afternoon of craft and planting.

The children had a great time planting cress and broad beans, making foot print butterflies, drawing giant bean stalks and drawing mini beasts with oil pastels.


Autism Awareness Week Prize Winners!!

I would like to say a big Thank You to all the children and teachers at Green Top for the fantastic work they completed to celebrate World Autism Week during Aspiration Week on the theme of “It’s OK to be Different!”.

We shared stories, learnt how to support a friend with autism and learnt that we a re all different – and that’s OK!

The class activities inspired one year 5 boy to write about his own personal experiences and then share it in assembly!

As a result of our activities, we won a prize from TTS Group – an education supplier – of £150 of resources to support communication and sensory needs! A fantastic prize that will be put to very good use!!


If anyone has any questions about Autism or would like more information, please contact Mrs Graves in school

Crafting up the classroom…

This week has been ‘Hook Week’ and we’ve all loved making crafts to decorate and immerse our classroom for our theme ‘What’s living at the bottom of the garden?’

We can’t wait for our family learning session tomorrow afternoon to make even more exciting decorations and craft. We hope you can join us!

Here are some of our children making paper plate mini beasts yesterday.

When Alex from Hays Salon came to visit…

Alex came to visit us yesterday from Hays Salon in Hull as part of our Aspirations Week. Alex talked to us about his childhood, schooling and how he came to be a successful hairdresser and business owner. The children loved his visit and were inspired to write many facts about Alex, his salon and his life.

A huge thank you to Alex from all of Year One for coming to visit us.