At Emilea’s.

Hi everyone. I had a smashing time at Emilea’s last night. I love spending time with class 6 and finding out what they get up to when they aren’t in school. She took me to musical theatre before we shared my book at bedtime.

Did you know that reading helps young kids learn to focus and pay attention as they listen to a story?

See you soon

Juicy xx

Super dooper singing!!!

What stars class 6 were this morning during the recording of our song for the Green Top Christmas CD. The children sounded amazing and were word-perfect, managing to record their track in one take! I am super proud of them and can’t wait to hear the finished CD. A huge thank you to Mrs. Gutteridge for sorting it. We had so much fun!

Don’t forget it isn’t too late to order your own copy….a perfect Christmas gift.

Please call in to the office for an order form or pay on Parentpay.

Reading at home

Hi everyone.

Juicy here!

Jemima and I are having a fantastic time sharing our love of reading with the children from Year 1. Here are some photos of my sleepover’s with Jack and Andra. It was lovely to make some new friends at Jack’s house while he read my book of the month to us and, as you can see, I wasn’t the only furry creature to enjoy the story at Andra’s!

See you all soon.

EYFS Reading Cafe

Come and join your child for story time activities  on Wednesday 13th in the morning 9-10am. Refreshments will be provided and staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about reading in the Early Years. Please register with your class teacher before making your way to the hall.

See you there!

Miss Carter, Miss Vaughan and Miss Schon


UCI Road closures Friday 27th September

Here is the link to updated times and road closures which will be effected by the UCI World Championships on Friday 27th September. Doncaster Council – UCI, maps, diversions and closures

The Men’s race is due to start 10 minutes earlier, therefore the road closures will also be in place 10 minutes before stated previously – which for our area will now be around 13:50pm.

If you are collecting your children for the race and are travelling by car then we recommend you arrive in Throne before the road closure and travel home when the roads are back open.  The Bridge Street Car park, close to school, will be open and accessible. If not, the only way into Thorne will be from Tudworth roundabout.  Please be mindful however, that other roads through Hatfield and Dunsville will also be closed before Thorne, depending on where you are travelling from.

Please can anyone who can support our school with this in terms of walking with the children let the office know or class teachers as we would love for all our children to be able to experience this!


Thank you for you continued support. 🙂

Walk to Thorne woods postponed

Unfortunately due to the weather forecast tomorrow we have taken the decision to cancel the walk tomorrow for EYFS children. We are hoping to rearrange to another date before the end of term weather permitting!

Thank you to all parents and carers who offered their support to walk with us and we hope you can join us next time.

Thank you for your understanding

Miss Carter, Miss Schon, Miss Vaughn and Miss Salter