Recipe card launch video

Thank you everyone for all of your support in helping us to celebrate the launch of our Sunmer 2021 recipe cards where we learnt about countries around the world, healthy living and where food comes from.

There were fantastic food options to taste and information to read about the countries that the children studied closely.

We hope you enjoy the video and agree with us about the success of last year’s expedition.

Thanks to everyone involved

Mrs Shaw and the key stage 1 team

Community Crew in Class 10

We spent some more time looking at stereotypes this week. Today, we focused on different jobs.

We started off thinking out what roles are stereotypical associated with men and women. We then discussed what we thought about these stereotypes and looked again at where to put the jobs.

Then, we talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up and that we can do anything regardless off stereotypes.

Recipe card launch

Thank you so much to all of our parents and carers who came to celebrate our key stage 1 Summer 2021 expedition. There was a tasting session for everyone to try our superb food that the children had created recipe cards for.

There was a fantastic atmosphere and all of the food disappeared so it must have tasted great!

Well done children on creating such a fantastic piece of work.

If anyone would like to buy the recipe cards, we are selling them in school for £5 each or 2 packs for £7.50.

Thanks again for celebrating and supporting us

Mrs Shaw x

Community Crew – stereotypes

In community crew this morning we talked about gender stereotyping. We learnt about what it is and came up with some different examples.

Once we had generated the stereotypes, we discussed how these stereotypes can be broken down and that we can all do whatever we want to do – challenging stereotypes.

Community Crew – Judaism

This morning we have learnt about Jewish traditions. We watched a video about Charlie who told us what it was like to be Jewish. We then thought about what we might want to ask him.

Then, we learnt about the festival Yom Kippur.

Jack learnt they can’t have a shower.

Millie said at the start of the year they eat honey cake so they have a sweet year.

Emilea said they go to the synagogue to pray.

Thomas said they have no internet, games, tv or electric.

Naomi said they have a big dinner at the end.

Kizzi learnt that they ask God for forgiveness.

Edward remembered the big dinner is where they meet all of there friends.

Lilly said that after the trumpet sounds to mark the end of the fast they all dance and sing.