Today, the children and I went on a journey in the classroom-like the girl in our story ‘journey’ we had plenty of obstacles to overcome!! We used our magic crayon to draw some picture ideas of what transport we would use!

Fabulous conversations, drama, ideas and pictures! It was a pleasure to see all of the creativity!

Well done guys!

Another step on our journey tomorrow!

Mrs Wallace 😊

It’s Still Thankful Thursday!

I cannot believe my class today, so much lovely work produced at home and sent my way.  And what has really made me proud is how supportive they are all being to each other, when someone is feeling low, if someone is stuck or when someone has had some beautiful work shared on our classroom.  You really are amazing little people.  Miss you all, Keep smiling.

Shout out to all who joined Miss Rooke and me on Hangouts this morning doing PE with Joe!  My legs will be sore in the morning, but if you want we can do it again!

Here is some work from today, mostly English, as I have been so impressed with the writing!

Thursday’s lovely work


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