Max’s Visit to the National Railway Museum

At the weekend, Max and his family visited the National Railway Museum in York and finally saw the famous Mallard and Rocket. Max had a great time visiting the museum and would recommend visiting it if you haven’t done so before. Well done Max it’s great to see you enjoying everything we have been learning about in expedition 🙂

Here is the link to Max’s presentation

KS1 Final Product – update

KS1 were so excited to take receipt of their Summer expedition final product … a set of round-the-world Top Trump recipe cards!

Our expedition explored the question, ‘what does the food we eat tell us about the world around us?’.

The cards look fantastic and we are only disappointed that we can’t share them with you straight away due to the number of KS1 children currently self- isolating. With this in mind, we will launch the product when we return to school in September and offer everyone the opportunity to purchase their very own set.