Phonics Lab

In Phonics Lab this week we have been learning the sounds /th/ /ng/ and /ai/ and the tricky words he, she, we, me and be. We have been practising reading and writing words and sentences that include the sounds we have learned so far.


In phonics this week we have been practising the sounds we have learned so far with a focus on recalling j v w x y z and zz.

Our new sounds this week are the qu ch and sh digraphs. We have done lots of fun activities but our favourite was a phonics quiz!

We have had lots of children keen to practise their reading and writing skills during their provision time.

Phonics Update

The children in F2 have now completed Phase 2 phonics and they have blown us away with their phonics assessments. At the end of phase 2 children are expected to:

  • Recognise all (or most) of the phase 2 sounds
  • Recognise the Phase 2 tricky words and spot them when reading
  • Be able to segment and write simple words containing the Phase 2 sounds e.g. cat, pan, duck, hill
  • Be able to read Phase 2 words and simple sentences (at the level of their reading book)

This week we have been focusing on speed blending and recognising some simple words by sight e.g. it, is, on. This is to develop our reading fluency. We have also been building up our memory of words by trying to recognise words that are repeated in books instead of needing to sound them out again.

Phonics Lab

In F2 we have been working super hard on our reading. Crew Schon blew me away with this activity. They had to read the word and find the matching picture hiding in the classroom. Their confidence grows everyday and it was lovely to see the children independently completing the activity and asking a grown up for help only when they felt they needed it.