Funky Friday learning

Today’s learning legend is Phil. I think he has been a Choosing Checking Changing Charlie. He has worked so hard all week on his learning, especially in maths and he has made a beautiful passage presentation too. Keep up the hard work Phil, you are doing great!

Today’s critique

I notice some lovely reflections from our learning on the online classroom and in school too.

I praise excellent maths learning ready for year 3! you are getting so grown up!

I wonder if we can have another great hangout on Monday morning like we did this morning. It was great to see so many friendly faces this morning!

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe.


Thursday’s learning.

Today’s learning legend is Lewis! He has been working really hard all week doing his daily maths learning and completing the challenges. He has also made a lovely passage presentation with Phil yesterday which blew me away. Keep up the good work Lewis. I love seeing your smiley face on the photographs you share, keep working hard.



Today’s critique is

I notice some great maths work and challenges being completed.

I praise lots of great learning reflections in school and on the online classroom for our passage presentations.

I wonder if we can have a funky friday circle on hangouts in the morning and you can show me some of your favourite toys.


see you all in the morning for hangouts at 9.15 until 9.30.

Wednesday’s learning

Today’s learning legend is Hattie! She has been a Motivated Moe today. She was on hangouts this morning and has completed some great maths and expedition learning today. You always work hard Hattie and complete our daily learning. Well done and keep up the good work.

Today’s critique is

I notice lots of children completing maths challenges to get green standard in their learning.

I praise seeing some excellent passage presentations from Phil, Lewis, JJ and Eleanor.

I wonder what you have all got planned for tomorrow , its meant to be another sunny day.

See you all in the morning for hangouts.

Remember to send in your feel good Friday videos- I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


School Games Active Championship

Youth Sports Trust have teamed up with TopYa to create an exclusive School Games Active Championship which can be used by pupils and schools.

Three times a week TopYa! Release a challenge for pupils to try. Children practise the challenges, then submit their best video using a mobile device to receive personal coaching feedback from the TopYa! team of experienced virtual coaches. Points are earned for each video submitted, leading to climbing leaderboards and winning prizes!

The TopYa! Active app is committed to online safety and meets rigorous COPPA and GDPR safeguarding standards. No one can communicate within the app. All children can do to communicate with one another is give each other a virtual ‘high-five’, which functions like a social media ‘like’.

The points pupils gain are then tallied up and compared in a league table against other Doncaster schools (in the Rossington School Games Area).

This is completely free and a great way for pupils to be active at home and at school.

I have attached above information from TopYa! And you can also read more on the School Games Website.

You will need the following code which is unique to your school: 22612


Good luck and enjoy!

Tuesday learning

Today’s learning legend has got to be Joel! He has been a real can do Colin this week already by completing his passage presentation work for English and his Expedition timeline too. I love the bright colours and ace drawings you did Joel! Well done and keep up the good work.


Today’s critique is


I notice lots of children on hangouts this morning, it was lovely to see so many happy faces, it made my day.

I praise lots of green standard learning in maths today- you will all be ready for year 3 soon!

I wonder if we can have photos of children reading this week, I haven’t seen any for a little while.


See you all on hangouts tomorrow morning at 9.15 and enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

Monday learning

Today’s learning legend is Ferron, she found maths a little bit tricky today but she didn’t give up she kept trying and working hard until she understood what she had to do. Well done Ferron, keep up the good work. I am really proud of you.


Today’s critique is

I notice lots of great maths learning happening in school and handed in on the online classroom.

I praise seeing some beautiful work in English for our passage presentations, I have been amazed at how neatly they have been presented the drawings have been fabulous.

I wonder if we can have a circle topic in the morning about something we have read recently. This could be a book you have enjoyed reading of had read to you, something interesting you read e.g maybe you read an interesting fact about an animal we have been researching.

Thank you to everyone that has continued to hand work in on the classroom I love seeing what you have all been up to. I miss all your smiling faces.

I will be back on hangouts at 9.15 in the morning, see you all there class 8.

Fabulous Friday!

Well this week’s joint learning legends has got to be JJ and Eleanor! They have completed daily learning and sent in lots of recordings about our animals we are learning about in expedition as well as going out and having some fun. I think you have both been Motivated Moe’s this week. You always make me feel proud! Keep up the good work.

Today’s critique

I notice lots of great book reviews from Percy the Park Keeper.

I praise some fantastic voice recordings from the online classroom and in school, I cant wait to hear them on the final product.

I wonder if we can have another brilliant week next week with some more reading.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will be back on hangouts at 9.15 on Monday. Stay safe.

Thursday’s learning

Another great day of learning from class 8.

Today’s critique

I notice lots of great addition sentences in maths.

I praise comparing the two stories.

I wonder if anyone else has been reading at home like Joel has today?

See you all in the morning for hangouts, it will be funky friday so bring a toy to share in circle.

Wednesday’s work

Our learning legend today has got to be Hattie for completing all the maths and English daily and always being on hangouts every morning. Thank you for being fabulous Hattie and always working hard. I think you have been a Stickability Stan.


Today’s critique is

I notice…lots of great maths learning.

I praise some lovely acrostic poems that were handed in on the online classroom and done in school.

I wonder if we can have some expedition recordings handed in tomorrow, Jamie handed his in today and it was great!


I will be back on hangouts in the morning at 9.15 until 9.30.