New online game!

Can you save the world?
Check out this new game designed to help younger children understand social distancing: highest score is 13,309…let me know how you get on!

Deaf Awareness Week – COMPETITION

Some of the staff at Plover School have set a signing challenge for their students an I thought you guys may want to get involved, Thanks to Miss Blackham for sharing this with me.

How many of these words can you spell using the BSL signs for the letters of the alphabet?

Here’s a youtube clip to get you started. There will be 4 prizes available for the most impressive attempts. (one per phase if there are enough entries)

Winners will be announced on Monday 18th May.


Multiplication tables practice

This is a great online resource to keep your times table knowledge sharp!

It is also inline with the Y4 multiplications table checker that should have taken place this year.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Lego Challenges

Here are 30 challenges for those of you who like to play with Lego – maybe you could share them (use and we’ll put a video together of all those different creations.


This weeks FEEL GOOD FRIDAY challenge requires your help again. If you are a member of our school community in any way. Child, Parent, Staff member, Governor, Trust member,Community member who’s seen our blog – we need your help.

We want photos of all of you holding a poster saying ‘here for you’. This can be as fancy or plain as you wish to make it.

Jersey is sharing an example below

Please send your photos to by 3pm Thursday (2.4.2020)

Thanks for keeping all of our spirits up during the uncertain time.


Week 2 plans for home learning

As you will know next week and the week after should have been the Easter holidays. However, Green Top will remain open to key worker families. Therefore there will still be people available to answer your calls, texts and emails Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

We will be continuing with Google hangouts and Google classroom in the same way we have this week and there will still be work set for English and Maths skills lessons daily. In addition there will be fun activities to complete as part of the Expedition learning plans. It would be great to catch up with you using one of these tools each day. We encourage you to have some down time too but don’t want to lose your enthusiasm and engagement in the home learning success we’ve had this week. It is such an uncertain time and all staff, children and parents who’ve spoken to me have really valued the positive impact the communication with friends and staff has had on the Green Top children and wider community. Unfortunately, no one knows how long this period of enforced school closure will last for and lots of you have asked me for more ideas of things to do at home when you’re stuck in the house.

We’d like to hear from you as often as possible and therefore will continue with our safe and well checks next week. As always if you need to talk or have anything to ask we’re at the end of the phone, email or text service.

Hope to see you all in hangouts or google classroom next week, send your teachers/phase leaders lots of photos too and look out for next weeks challenge for feel good Friday.


Mrs Claira Salter

Green Top Home school suggested timetable

In order to ensure we are in touch with all of our students whilst they are self isolating or not attending school due to the closure notice. We have created a web page on our website ‘home learning portal’ ( which will be regularly updated.
In addition, teachers will be inviting children in F2-Y6 into the ‘google classroom’ to work on activities (these will also be hosted on our home learning page.) Reception children will have a pack sent home with an exercise book and pencil enclosed tomorrow after school to complete their activities in from next week if working at home.
There will also be sessions for teaching staff in Y1-Y6 to ‘hangout’ using google hangouts through their school log ins and these times will be communicated via the school blog but all be in a morning (9am / 9.30am / 10am OR 2pm / 2.30pm). In order to ensure we are in communication with children whilst they are not at school we will follow the following protocols for communication.
1st check
Online learning interaction with a class teacher. 
2nd check (if first check not achieved by 11am)
Text to main mobile number asking to make contact via email or learning action by 12pm
3rd check (if second check not achieved by 1pm)
Phone Call Home to contacts in order (speaking to the child if possible).
Final check (if necessary)
Home visit by 2 staff
Finally, we have, and will continue to, provide our whole curriculum on the ‘Our Expeditions’ tab of the school website. As the time progresses we will populate the case studies within our Summer Expeditions to allow for children to learn at home.
Any child who would like an exercise book and pencil to record their work in is welcome to do so please ask class teachers.