Geography Club!

We are loving Geography club. This is our 3rd week. So far the children have told me in some discussion activities what they think Geography is about, then the children did some research and had to make a poster answering the question ‘What is Geography?’.

Today, we looked at the Earth and discussed what we think it’s like on the inside, some thought it was all liquid, some thought it might be spongy. We found out that it is actually made in layers and these layers are all made of different things! Here they are making a collage model of their learning this week. And they did a fabulous job! We can’t wait for next week!

Cohen the legend!

Cohen was a Curious Cleo today! He engaged in the stories that we listened to and contributed lots of brilliant ideas to our discussions! Well done Cohen, I am super proud of you!

Feel Good Friday (Y6 leavers special!)

As you all know we typically share a feel Good Friday film at this time on a Friday morning. This week we have chosen to share with you some beautiful photos taken at our Y6 ‘Pass Out’ event yesterday evening.

The slides below have been created by the Y6 team to replace our typical ‘leavers assembly’ we wish each of our Y6 students the very best of luck at their chosen secondary schools – we know they will be an absolute success due to their fantastic learning attitudes! Good luck guys – keep in touch!

Year 6 Pass Out

Dear Year 6 Parents / Carers, 


Information regarding Green Top to ‘pass out’ tomorrow –  Thursday 16th July between 3.30pm and 5.30pm


  • Please check the pass out timetable for your allocated time.  This time is your arrival time, we ask that you arrive on time to ensure our social distancing protocols can be adhered to.  


  • Only families from your household will be allowed to pass out but other family members may stand at the bottom of the drive following social distancing protocols.


  • We suggest that you arrive by foot or park in Bridge Street car park; unfortunately we won’t be able to offer parking facilities on the school grounds.


  • We ask that you access school from the Middlebrook Lane entrance and follow the arrows down to the KS1 playground / outside the Y6 classrooms.  Here you will see a table outside each classroom that will contain a parcel for every child.  This will be their Green Top hoodies and we ask that your child puts this on ready to ‘pass out’.


  • You will also have a carrier bag to collect with books/work in.  If you are missing some of your books, this is because we have kept them as evidence.  We will give you your books through siblings later in the year.


  • After you have received the parcel, you will be asked to stand in a designated area until you are then asked to walk down the main part of the school drive to ‘pass out’ of primary school.  Green Top staff will be present to applaud you and your children as you walk down the school drive. 


  • We ask that you follow social distancing guidelines at all times to ensure that the event runs smoothly for all children.


Any additional questions, please email  [email protected]

Yours sincerely


Mrs C Salter

Head of School

Beautiful Work – Y5/6 final product

A huge congratulations to all the students and staff in Y5/6 on an amazing product to share the collaborative learning outcomes from their Summer term expedition. I am blown away by the quality of work and character growth of our students despite being in the centre on a Pandemic. Our students have grappled with tough scientific content, composed musical and lyrical pieces of art work and presented their learning eloquently in the product shared here.

Well done all!

Mega Travel Pass

Get ready for September. Apply now for a MegaTravel Pass.
Cheaper travel is available for all under 16s living in South Yorkshire with a MegaTravel Pass. MegaTravellers can travel in South Yorkshire for a single fare of 80p per journey on buses or trams. They can also buy discounted 1, 7 or 28 day tickets, which are loaded onto the pass, which might be cheaper if they travel regularly. Under 16s travelling without a valid pass may be charged full fare, so even if your pupils are not travelling on public transport right now, we’re encouraging early application so they’re ready to go in September. The pass proves a child is eligible to travel for the concessionary fare on public transport in South Yorkshire.
Instructions on how to apply for a MegaTravel Pass are available at