Feel Good Friday (Y6 leavers special!)

As you all know we typically share a feel Good Friday film at this time on a Friday morning. This week we have chosen to share with you some beautiful photos taken at our Y6 ‘Pass Out’ event yesterday evening.

The slides below have been created by the Y6 team to replace our typical ‘leavers assembly’ we wish each of our Y6 students the very best of luck at their chosen secondary schools – we know they will be an absolute success due to their fantastic learning attitudes! Good luck guys – keep in touch!
  1. Adele merchant

    It wont let me watch the videos from the teachers it says video not loaded

    • It may be an internet issue as almost all of these videos are hosted on youtube so should play without any permission issues. Thanks

  2. Miss Schön

    Good Luck everyone. I will miss you lots. I have so many wonderful memories of all of the children who spent two years in Reception and Year 1 with me and Mrs Jackson. Have a lovely rest before you begin your new exciting adventures and I can’t wait to hear all about it so please stay in touch!

  3. Rylie Jackson

    Green Top you are truly amazing this is something i would watch over and over, how the teachers have helped Rylie so much in the year she has been there i cannot thank each and everyone of you enough…… AMAZING

  4. Miss Blackham

    This is gorgeous! Well done Green Top and good luck to all of you lovely Year 6’s- my first ever class! Superstars! xx

  5. Eve Matthews

    This is so lovely to watch but so sad at the same time. Good luck year 6’s xx

  6. Wow! What a wonderful way to complete their Green Top journey, a huge thank you from our family for all the love, support and praise you have given Myles over the years, he leaves the school a confident boy, ready to embrace his next chapter!

    A special mention to Alan, who always made the year 6 children feel extra special, we miss you but know you will be smiling too as you see how much these children have grown, thanks to this school. xx

  7. Deb Allen

    This is so amazing! I can’t express enough how wonderful it is that you have still managed to create such a beautiful send off for all of the year 6’s. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Imogen in her time at Greentop. It’s not been an easy 5 months for everyone at all, but all the staff have gone above and beyond completely and we will never forget this. A massive thank you from me, Jon and Imogen.

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