Getting hooked

Although today was a sad day that the classroom was not full of children and excitement. We still had a good job at starting to add, immerse and learn about our new expedition.

Today, we made a brick effect wall with a very large crack! To represent an earthquake. We also looked at the Earth, what it’s made up of on the surface and throughout.  Made a collage to represent this learning too! Then, finally we looked at a famous artist called Jackson Pollock and copied his technique of splatter painting. Using blues, greens, black and white to represent a tsunami and reds, orange, yellow and brown to represent a volcanic eruption.

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow for our online learning to begin. Missed you all today.

Take care, Mrs Pearson ☺️

An amazing hook week

This week we have completed lots of activities to hook us into our new learning. Over the next term, we will be answering the question what are the secrets of chocolate through our three case studies: history, design and technology and science.

Take a look at some of our learning this week.


Look at this fabulous work produced by our Y3/4 students for their final product to share the collaborative learning outcomes from their Summer term expedition. I am blown away by the quality of work and character growth of our students despite being in the center on a Pandemic. Our students have grappled with tough historic content, built a website using their computing learning and produce some fabulous artwork.  A presentation of their learning can be seen in the website below – this is also soon to be linked to many historical websites for museums and experiences around the UK, this final product supported us in answering the guiding question ‘Why remember the Romans?’


Today’s Learning Legends…

Well done everyone for your fabulous work! 🙂 xx

Crew Thurkettle’s Learning Legend is… Jasper

Well done Jasp! You have shown that you are a Can Do Colin today. You have done some fabulous code breaker work in maths and I also love your sentences about your achievements and goals- they are super and I can definitely see you have really reflected on yourself. Great job 🙂

Cocoon H’s Learning Legend is…. Bradley

Well done Bradley. I am very impressed with your Motivated Mo attitude today! You have really worked on ensuring that you keep up with the rest of our cocoon and have been focused on your work- I especially love your work on your achievements and also your goals for next year. 🙂

Lots of fabulous work to…’sea’!

Bradley has been super busy this weekend! Not only has he been sea fishing but he has wrote about it too! Fabulous pictures and gorgeous writing Bradley! Super proud of you 🙂

Keeping with the sea topic, Jack has also created a super boat today! It even has a sail!

Misha; thank you very much for sending your fabulous artwork- it is beautiful!


EPEC – Parent Group Leader Recruitment

Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) is a successful, popular, unique parenting approach.

EPEC is for local parents, led by local parents.

We are currently recruiting parents who would like to become a Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) Group Leaders.

Would like to be part of a new and exciting EPEC Programme coming to Doncaster ?

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