National Numeracy Day – 18th May

We are looking forward to celebrating National Numeracy Day on Wednesday 18th May!

Maths is all around us and in the run up to National Numeracy Day, I would love for you to take some photos of you that link to maths! Maybe it will be a picture of you using money to pay for something in the shop, maybe it will be of how many steps you have walked in a day, or maybe it will be of you practising your maths skills!

How creative can you be finding maths around your home and in the community? Please send all of your photographs to [email protected] so that I can make a video to celebrate maths!

Also, check out the official website (link below) because there are lots of fun activities that you can do with your children!

National Numeracy Day | National Numeracy

We are Historians

On Friday, we were investigating the timeline of Britains connection to the slave trade. We started by discussing and ordering the events before creating our own timelines.

Once we had completed our timelines, we had a silent gallery with the whole of year 3 so we could share our beautiful work with everyone.