Literacy Labs

This week in Literacy Labs we have been making containers to transport our dragon. The children had art straws and lots of problems to solve. I was super impressed by the ideas that they planned and then transferred into their models!!

Well done guys 😊

Mrs Wallace


This week in phonics our sounds have been ure, air and oo (the short sound like in book or cook)

We found these quite tricky, especially ure. Something that might help is talking through some words where the spelling is the same for ure but it sounds different.

eg Pleasure, treasure, pure, cure, insure.

Can you think of any more?

Could you write them out and then highlight the sound?

Thanks for your continued support.


Kandinsky inspired art in Year 2

I am so proud of the Year 2 children for fully embracing the Kandinsky inspired art today. We listened to a range of music from 70’s rock, 90’s pop, musical classics to classical and instrumental.  The children then drew the movements they felt as the music played. We have begun to introduce watercolours to enhance the shapes we created and we can’t wait until next week to complete them!



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The children in Class 6 showed some fabulous teamwork today when they were making their catapults to capture a dragon 🐉 They had to work together to make their catapults, and to test them out-I look forward to reading all of your instructions that you will write tomorrow!!

Well done!

Teamwork makes the dream work!! 😊

Mrs Wallace

Dragon Stew

We had lots of fun making a Dragon Stew this week. The children added some very interesting ingredients……. I’m not sure how tasty it would be! 😊 You all work really hard to make your ingredients- Well done Class 6!

Keep working hard!!

Mrs Wallace