Cocoon I today….

Today we have had out biggest number yet and it was lovely to see.  We have been very active today, starting our day off with PE with Joe, then at lunch time we had a little longer playtime as they worked together to share ideas to build a cocoon assault course! Which they have done a brilliant job with too. We are adding more to it tomorrow and we are going to time each of us going round it.


Cocoon I learning legend today is….

Alexsis is today’s learning legend and what a legend she has been. At lunch time she entertained us all in some campfire style stories where we were all able to get involved and play a part too including me! It was fantastic to see all the children getting involved and sharing in the fun and we all had a good time.  Thanks Alexsis for sharing your Amazing stories and your enthusiasm was so contagious!

She has also today worked so amazingly hard on what is her 2nd draft and has added water colour to her Roman Temple! I’m so proud of how hard she is working on this for our website product!

I’m going to go with a lightbulb Leo today!


Cocoon I – Today’s learning legends

Lexi is the first today with her absolutely outstanding times tables knowledge and fast recall.  I can definitely tell she has been spending lots of time practising these at home, what a super star!

Brendan also today for his amazing creative craft building and making during his playtimes.  He is constantly learning and developing knew skills no matter where he is and has made some brilliant tools, dens, his own workshop space and today this!

Both have definitely been can do Colins today! Well done to you both.


As many of you know annually we run a Green Top’s Got Talent contest, this year this will need to be done virtually.

Anyone wishing to enter has until the closing date below to prepare their act, video it and send it to the [email protected] email address.

Dependent on the number of entries we receive we will either have ‘heats’ in phases and a final of the top 3 from each heat. Or we will run one whole school competition for the final.

Mrs Overson and I will approach some independent judges to decide on the winners.

All children entering will receive a medal an certificate.

All talents are welcome we have had singers, dances, gymnasts, comedians, martial arts routines, magicians and BSL performances in the past among many others. You can choose something and enter it.

The video sent to Mrs Overson should be no more than 3 minutes long and social distancing guidance should be followed during your clip. All entries must be received by Monday 22nd June at 5pm.

We look forward to sharing the compilation of entries with you all later that week.

Good Luck!

Mrs Claira Salter and Mrs Kelly Overson

Cocoon I – brilliant again! 💚☺️

I have been totally overwhelmed by this little group! Today, we were introduced to our Roman topics which we will take ownership over for the creation of our final product for this expedition and my goodness are they brilliant!

First, we discussed the vocabulary to make sure we all understood the topic and what was needed to cover it fully. This meant the children realised we might have to include a definition in our introduction so that other children understand what it means too!

Then, we took to the books and put on our historian hats! Looking through and post-it noting the pages which ‘fitted’ or linked with our understanding of the topic. From here we shared and agreed on several sub headings so we all had a part to play and a section to write.

Once decided, we swapped our hats and pretended to be web designers! Each of us thought carefully about websites we use and have seen, what we like etc and used these ideas to create our own vision of what our webpage would look like for other children – asking questions like – is it clear, easy to use and child friendly?  Each child shared their ideas and we created an idea together of how it might look visually.

The final step of today was to pull all this together and create our opening introduction paragraph for our first page! It’s safe to say it’s fantastic and the understanding and vocabulary that was used blew me away! I’ll share the first paragraph but nothing more yet!

Well done cocoon I love working with you and love the work you have created together today!