Critique in year 2!

Today in class 8 the children completed self and peer critique on their draft touchdown writing. They showed an excellent understanding of the year 2 writing expectations and worked hard to identify what they had achieved already and what they needed to do to improve. I can’t wait to read their final dragon descriptions tomorrow!


Class 13 have carried out some great critique in writing today supporting each other to add in the features of the writing rubric such as relative clauses, parenthesis and modal verbs! I was really impressed with the standard of critique and the support that the children offered each other.


Watch the video to see some critique in action!

Here are some more clips of our visit to Pink Pig Farm. I am sure you will enjoy watching the clips as much as the children did today while they reflected excitedly about the day they had at Pink Pig Farm.





Nursery’s adventure to Pink Pig Farm