Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday. While we have been on holiday, Alan has put together our new scooter pods in the Key Stage 2 playground. These pods allow children to lock their scooters in a safe place and hopefully promote healthy ways to come to school. Alan will have the Key Stage 1 scooter pods installed by the end of the week. My thanks goes to the Friends of Green Top for purchasing these for our children.

Big Thank You

Big thank you and well done to our year four children who went to Robin Wood.  You all achieved amazing things, challenged yourselves, showed fantastic team work, solved problems and more importantly faced your fears.  We are all so very, very proud of you and would like to thank you for an amazing weekend away! Have a lovely half term and enjoy a well deserved rest!

Take a look at our class blogs to see our amazing achievements:



The nursery building update…

Miss Carter and I called to see Dan the building site manager to see the nursery and how it has changed this week. Dan and his team are working really hard to get the nursery finished so we can move back soon. The plasterer’s have been in, the windows have been fitted and we now have a roof and a floor in the extension part.

We are so excited to see the developments after half term.

Thanks to Dan for coming to see the key stage 1 children as part of their theme – looking at building materials and talking about his job.

Safer Internet Day in Class 8

Yesterday it was Safer Internet Day and class 8 had a fantastic afternoon doing practical and collaborative activities all related to being safe. We had to find partners that had a safety caution similar to ours and discuss what we needed to do in different situations in order to be safe. We then watched a video to warn us of dangers that are on the internet and we had to choose different emojis to show how we felt about different online scenarios. The children then created some fantastic e-safety posters to remind them of what they need to look for when they are working online! Well done class 8, fantastic work!

Ava’s Award-Winning Dragon!

Well done Ava!

Ava’s amazing design has been selected as a winner from lots of entries from all over Doncaster, in the Doncaster Book Award ‘Design-a-Dragon’ Competition. Ava put lots of effort into her Dragoon design at book club and at home and her design has been chosen as a winner by the Book Award Committee! Ava has now been invited to a ceramic arts day with a professional artist during half term, where she will be able to bring her design to life and make her dragon design out of clay!

Ava and her winning dragon!

Congratulations Ava – I’m sure you’re going to have an amazing time!


Learning at Green Top

Since September we have had over 120 visitors to Green Top. All these visitors have come to experience, the Green Top approach to learning. Headteachers and teachers have come from all over the country to see how our teachers create immersive environments, allow children to choose their style of learning and how we all enjoy our learning at Green Top. I am sure your children have told you about the visitors coming into their classrooms and asking them lots of questions. Something for us all to be proud of.