Producing beautiful work in year 4!

I just had to share some of the beautiful work that the children produced yesterday in one of our hook expedition lessons. These gorgeously illustrated posters show the production of sugar and how it transforms in to the sugar that we know it as in the shops.

Well done everyone, I’m so proud of the time you’ve taken to produce these!
You stars! ⭐️

Maps of Thorne

Before the half term break we used aerial photographs of Thorne to identify the features of our local community. The children were experts at identifying places in their local area. For the next two weeks we will continue discussing key places in our community and how these places serve the people living in Thorne.


In expedition this week we have been thinking about our own homes and what they look like. We have been doing some drawing and box modelling. We have also continued to explore what we can make with the resources around us. We now a new class display where we can show off the models we make!

Early Years Engineers

This week we have been hooking the children into our new Expedition. Our expedition title is ‘Early Years Engineers’ and our guiding question is ‘In a world of possibilities, what would you make?’

We found out the many jobs an engineer can do and how important their role is. We had a go at being engineers ourselves. We made plans and tried to bring them to life using the resources we had available in our classrooms. We had to think like an engineer and adapt our plans if something was not working.

Here is a glimpse of some of our designs and the models we made from doors, buildings and bridges to bags and rollercoasters! We have been very busy engineers!