Crew Challenge

Crew Thurkettle are the best! They completed yet another crew challenger!

Today they had to turn the sheet over without anyone stepping  off the sheet onto the floor!
They managed to do it with just 1 minute left from the 15 minutes time limit. Well done Crew Thurkettle! 👏👏👏

March Reading Challenge!

Join in with our March reading challenge by helping us to earn 250,000 reading minutes!

Log how many minutes you have read this week at home!

Don’t log the minutes you have read in school as your teachers have done this for you!

The link to the Google form is here:

The link to the Google form is here:

John o Groats to Lands End – Week 2


Please find attached the google form for week 2 of our John o Groats to Lands End challenge. I will update the map on Monday evening so it gives everyone time to send their steps in. Good luck and keep those steps up!

Welcome back!

Hello Crew Thurkettle!

Just a quick note to say I can’t wait to have all our crew back together on Monday 8th March. This will be the first time we’ll have all been together since Christmas!

I’m so looking forward to seeing you with all your friends, sharing your stories, looking after each other and being happy at school.
I’ve missed your gorgeous faces so much!!
See you all Monday

Love Mrs Hardman xx

Investigating sound – volume and pitch

This week in expedition, Class 13 have been learning that sound is made by vibrations and travels in sound waves. They used guitars to investigate volume and discovered that the harder they strummed/plucked the strings, the louder the volume. The softer they strummed the strings, the quieter the volume.

They confirmed their findings by clapping their hands together, first hard and then soft. The harder they clapped, the louder the volume.

Ruby drew sound waves to represent the volume of different sounds.

Later in the week they carried out an experiment to identify pitch.
First, they began to write out their experiment…

and then they filled each bottle carefully with the same amount of water.

They carefully blew across the top of the bottles to listen to the pitch of the sounds. They discovered they all sounded the same!

The children then poured different amounts of water into the bottles until each bottle had a different level of water.

Now when they blew across the bottles, each one sounded different, with a higher or lower pitch.
The conclusion of their experiment was the bottles with the most amount of water had a higher pitch and the bottles with less water, a lower pitch.

Well done my little scientists!!

The Masked Reader!!

The Masked Reader is finally here!

Can you guess which teacher is hiding under each mask?

Submit your answers below – good luck!


Google form link:


Lola has taken part in a walking challenge with Thorne ladies netball team; a team which her mum plays netball with.

They took on the challenge as a team to walk from lands end to John O’Groats and back virtually, which they completed before the end of February and so they then walked back to Doncaster! Lola also took part in this challenge and as a team they have walked over 2200 miles and raised over £2600 for pancreatic cancer.

Lola wanted to share this amazing achievement before logging her own steps this week as part of the whole school challenge to walk the same distance in March! We are very excited to see the steps stacking up and can’t wait to share the weekly totals with you all! Thanks for sharing Lola and mum!!

Throughout March, as a school we are planning to walk from John o Groats to Lands end and back! That’s 1,748 miles!

If my calculations are correct as a school we only need to do 110,505 steps a day! Easy!

So charge up your fit bits and smart watches and get your walking shoes ready!

At the end of the week complete the google form that I have attached to this blog and we will record your steps. There will be weekly prizes in school for most steps in a week and all school staff will be getting involved too.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the challenge





Making our own telephones

Year 4 have had fun in their expeditionlessons this week making their own stringtelephones to find out how sound travels.

Class 13 discovered that when you talk into the cup your voice sends sound waves inside the cup, vibrating the bottom of the cup. These vibrations transfer onto the string and then travel across the string into the bottom of the other cup and into your partner’s ear.

They kept the string tight so the sound waves travelled down the string. If their string became loose, the sound wasn’t as good because the vibrations had to travel all around rather than directly down the string.